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Using Forms as Contact Points for Spiritual Action

It has been five years since my last visit to the Eastern European cities of Sofia and Plovdiv. I am glad to have journeyed there for a long weekend recently to meet old and new friends for an Attunement workshop and to sustain this connection of friendship and attunement that spans over twenty-five years. I will not go into all the details of what we shared during our few hours but suffice it to say it was an enriching time of connection and living in the moment and seeing how all the forms we use in daily life can be our contact points for spiritual action.

I am discovering how Attunement, photography and life purpose coaching can be blended together in very “in the moment” and unique ways to re-create consciousness and help anyone be more consciously present now. These and other forms can be used by an “in tune” or “attuned” individual as the means or media for Spirit to take on new impact and relevance related to our quality of life in this Information Age. Here are some words offered by Lloyd Meeker, who wrote under the pen name, Uranda, about using forms as contact points for attunement with That Something which is divine (excerpted from Use of Forms as Contact Points, September 14, 1946):

“The human being, in the outer, is inclined to actually respond to the object of the contact rather than to that which may be contacted through the object, thereby closing the door. The elevation to which the attunement through that contact carries is vitally important. If the recognition or appreciation through the object is limited primarily to a consideration of the object itself, or of that which is actually revealed through the object, or by it, in the sense of attunement to the actual life force, for instance, that may be portrayed by the objects in the picture, and it is allowed to rest there, it is not established in an actual cycle. In order to fulfil anything, to provide a deeper understanding, bring a realization as to the correctness of function, or direction in some fashion, there needs to be a completion of a cycle.

Because of his habitual attitudes and limitations of consciousness, man unconsciously cuts off this cycle. When he gets into the spirit of the thing, he may recognize and appreciate it within a certain sphere as a thing in itself, as one might, being so inclined, for instance examine some beautiful skin under a microscope and be more or less lost in a study of one quarter square inch of skin, with respect to the expression of the Being of God. In the study of that, there may be an appreciation of the delicate texture, the fineness, the exactness of that, without its leading through into that cycle which would permit an actual expression of that which is needed to fill the lack; that is, to bring the answer. When an object, such as a picture or music or a beautiful passage in literature, including the Bible, is to be utilized as the contact point, we have to realize that, by reason of such contact point, the contact point itself is transcended.”

Here is a Guided Visual Meditation for You:

A Spiritual and Coaching Exercise in Using Forms as Contact Points:

People in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

I am still thinking about and feeling the sweet influence of this brief but potent time in Bulgaria—a land and people with delicate, large hearts that long for true connection. This was a topic of conversation during the car ride to Plovdiv with Nadya and Vessie. I could feel our collective heart working to help resolve some of the gaps we have created in our modern materialistic, high tech and high stress societies. This is Attunement work too.

Vessie and I had coffee and a 90-minute conversation with Gergana Pavlova who is a life purpose coach and much more—she loves tango dancing and poetry and was happy to be introduced to some of our thoughts and feelings related to attunement. We discovered that we may very well have more creative opportunities to work together to bring more understanding into the world that we can all be in attunement and awesomely creative every single day of our lives!

Listen to the sound of silence
Listen to the heart-beat of the Earth
Listen to the rhythm of your living
Listen to the magic of the Universe.

– by Gergana (Gery) Pavlova

Vessie, John and Gery Reflections after Attunement Workshop

It was a true joy to have John leading an Attunement workshop again in Sofia. His visit was quite short in linear time— just two days—but I felt it deep and intense as if we shared months together. Mentioning time…we had an interesting conversation during the attunement workshop about human perceptions of time. Past and future does not exist as an ultimate reality outside ourselves, it is just our human perception that we have created about them. And from the place of living in the “now,” our place of attunement, we are able to change both our future and our past.

To me it was a learning process to observe John taking photos and later working on them to get their core visible. Another real example of deep attunement shared with the world. Thanks to John, I met Gergana in person, whom I already knew from her Intunity Coaches page on Facebook. Meeting her, I felt as if we knew each other for ages.

Looking forward to seeing what is next on our paths.

-John Flood

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