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Attunement Brings Wellbeing to Young Social Workers in the New South Africa

I am reflecting on my recent experience of sharing Attunement with social workers participating in a wellness day offered by the Novalis Ubuntu Institute enrichment programme for teachers and caregivers called, “A Chance for Every Child.” A wonderful, creative partnership exists between Novalis, a social activist community development organization, and the Gate House Spiritual Centre, where I live and work in the beautiful suburbs of Cape Town.

So here we were, the Gate House Centre Attunement team, about to share attunements with a new generation of South Africans, from varied cultural backgrounds, most of whom were new to energy healing modalities of any sort. One visiting young American volunteer confessed that her mom, who was located in Madison Wisconsin, did something “strange,” called Reiki, but she stayed clear of “whatever that was!” Another young woman, coming from a strong faith-based church background, was anxious that “this Attunement thing” was something religious or “spiritual” that would compromise her loyalty to her faith-based life.

So, as I reflect on this experience, I am noting what it called from me and the team to create an atmosphere that would inspire trust and safety while also evoking a deeper sense of being at peace for the participants before we stepped into their personal space to offer the healing magic of Attunement.

These are the ingredients needed to prepare a clear space of wellbeing for the Attunement to follow: a genuine welcome and respect for each person and acknowledging the privilege of service to offer support in honour of their chosen profession as social workers.

Our welcome was graciously received and in each group experience, the room began to exude a warm, safe, conducive atmosphere.

As I introduced something about Attunement, everyone was happy to acknowledge an understanding that the word Attunement invites an experience into a state of being in tune and at one with our core Self as integral to a living Universal Whole.

So the stage for sharing group Attunements was set!

The magical healing flow of Attunement energy coursed through us, bringing a sense of integration, alignment, healing, and a welcome and blessed restoration of wellness to body, mind, heart and spirit.

And as the Attunement flow came to a dynamic balance and deep rest, what a delight it was to share in the sense of wonder that filled the room. Each person chose to share something of their experience:

When I go home, I will tell my mom what a wonderful experience I had and ask her for a Reiki session.

No, I didn’t experience anything remarkable but you know, being so busy most of the time, it was special to slow down, be quiet and feel the spaciousness that allowed me to enjoy hearing the birds sing, see the garden, flowers and trees and just connect again with the natural world—so I suppose that was pretty remarkable!

I am wary about opening myself and being vulnerable because it’s really important to me that I hold fiercely to and protect my authentic Self at my core and that’s challenging in the world these days….so, it’s not that I’m closed to something new but I will only open to what’s really trustworthy. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you.

And on it went as each one shared their experience with their group. It was very good to acknowledge a bond of friendship and a sense of family and true community being born amongst us through this simple act of sharing Attunement. We felt pleasure in the oneness and newness of truly being together in the shared beauty of Being.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to bring Attunement to these young professional social workers and teachers who are helping our children to grow and feel safe in the challenging, tender and somewhat painful birth process of a new nation seeking to manifest in this beautiful land, South Africa.

So I end my reflection of this experience with a thank you for being with me and extend a traditional South African greeting: Sawabona! (which means, I see you for who you truly are!)

Life’s blessings to you until next month!

– Howard Goodman

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