This gift

First of Life
This innate Being
Uniquely woven
This choosing
This name and shape
Different from all other
Each purposeful seed
Of the tree of life
Planted in the earth
For divine pleasure
This opportunity
Of inborn greatness
To reveal the
One that you are
Manifesting the Light of Love
Through the prism of incarnation
Shining in the


-Miriam Platt


Miriam Platt is both an Attunement Practitioner and Reiki Master and teacher. She has a deep love of both disciplines and the practical spirituality that is inherent in offering them. She lives and works at Gate House Spiritual Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.


I Have Come in Grace

  I have come in Grace Softly, turning inward To the heart song of God Ever singing the Divine tone In constancy and invitation.   I have come again And again Turning inward to Self-reliance To the Source of all Being. I have come in quietude Singing the heart song of glory And shining. I… Continue Reading


  Holiness is not given or earned It is the intrinsic goodness The indwelling Godness Of Soul Being in this world. Turning outwards All the distractions, Divisiveness Hunger and greed Grab the unwary. Where consciousness commands Service follows A finer path A direction held In wholeness A covenant of holiness Keeping the straight gate Ever… Continue Reading


  Beyond right and wrong doings there is a Field –I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi   Rumi welcomes us to the place where we truly meet, Being to Being—a place of beauty, love, clarity—a field filled with creative possibility. Here we meet in Attunement, to dance the dance of creation together, letting something new,… Continue Reading


  Merging Melting the icicles of separation In the frozen guarded state Imagined defence in a darkened world Turning toward the Sun Molten core of love uncompromising Simply shining with its whole body Attracting from within its core Waking the seeds of Love In one’s own heart Waking passion One pointed Waking to warrior strength… Continue Reading

The Philosophy and Practice of Attunement

The philosophy and practice of Attunement embraces a journey of destiny for humanity—to restore our presence on earth, as the means of connection for stewarding an already present operational universal eco-design for planet earth and throughout all of creation. Many around the world are re-awakening to the reality and wholeness of this living ecosystem. A… Continue Reading


Evolution is not more of what already is But an embracing of radical reality. Who I am, who you are Directly connected In a living matrix Of star-embodied substance With the light of Love at heart A living flame Expanding the rule of love In all that matters. All forms All creation A grand flowering… Continue Reading


Awakening to consciousness and presence An infusion of movement Life flowing inexorably Expanding cell by cell A true tide of life Experienced moment by moment Suffused with this gentle sea like surging and singing Enlivening cellular structure From the core expanding outwards. An involuntary curl of the lip upward A noticed welcomed signature Here I… Continue Reading

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