Attunement and Primal Spirituality

Attunement accesses the primal spirituality of people. This is the innate spirituality with which all people are born, and that ideally blossoms and grows as a person matures. Through the Attunement process, the Practitioner fosters the development of a person’s primal spirituality, knowing that this is the source of health and whole being.

Primal Flower
Primal Spirituality brings the knowing of Universal Love through the human heart and Universal Intelligence through the human mind. It is the root of all virtue. Primal Spirituality is the basis for all true understanding of people and of the natural world. It is what empowers a person to act with courage and to fulfil their personal destiny as a human being. It is both the conscious understanding of the most essential factors for personal fulfilment and also the energetic flow that allows that understanding to become real in the person’s experience.

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