Attunement Schools

Attunement Schools offer in-depth courses in this powerful energy medicine practice. The instructors teach Attunement technique and the consciousness practice that makes that technique effective. They also offer training to assist people to develop their own intuition, a vital tool in the practice of Attunement.

Attunement Schools also teach the foundational principles of Attunement—the spiritual principles that bring vitality to the physical body, healing to the emotional body and awakening to the human spirit. These are the principles of our Primal Spirituality—the spirituality we were born with, and that rightly grows and develops as a person matures. Primal Spirituality is our innate knowing of Universal Being before any religious belief or spiritual practice.

Caduceus Rising These topics are included in the curriculum:

  • Attunement philosophy
  • Attunement technique
  • The sacred nature of the human body
  • A map of energetic gateways present in the body
  • The foundational principles of working with another to open these gateways
  • Emotional healing
  • The path to wholeness
  • Attunement in daily living

The Attunement Schools at Edenvale, BC, Canada, and Sunrise Ranch, CO, USA, offer programs that lead to certification as an Attunement Practitioner by the Attunement Guild.

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