Attunement at Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops, 2017 | Attunement

Attunement at Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops, 2017

When: October 21, 2017 9:00 AM to October 22, 2017 9:00 AM

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Hugh and Barb Duff along with Phyllis Kotyk, along with Julie Bohnet and Josie Fiorica participated in a full and rich time of Attunement at the Interior Wellness event in Kamloops over the October 21 weekend. Folks offered Attunements, and gave their all into a very generative weekend.

There was a sensing by many that this year would be different from past events, and so it was. We shared three Attunement circles, one per day, which went to a depth not experienced in previous years. Those who came to share individual Attunements were truly “serious” about accessing something new through themselves. There was a fineness generated, particularly in the circles, which indicated a longing and an internal pressure to share in openness to Spirit. One of our Attunement practitioners had an awakening regarding Spiritual family which set something to rest for her. Many friends returned for their “yearly” attunement which is always fascinating to me. Some have already connected for follow up.

Our team of Attunement practitioners truly came forth in their desire to engage—with one another, with vendors, with other workshop presenters, and with practitioners and attendees present at the Festival. Rather startling on the first afternoon and evening was the meet up with an unusual number of people from the 100 Mile area.

Especially of note were the young people who came to be with us one afternoon in particular. And in the late afternoons there was a wave of individuals who came simply to share their hearts in conversation right there in the middle of this rather noisy event. What a privilege it is to be in place to receive this response representing thousands of all ages, stages, and cultures! Our indigenous population was represented more fully than ever this year.

We would like to honor the dedicated individuals and volunteers who bring this event into being each year, headed up by Elizabeth and Steve Beeds. Elizabeth is conscious of what Attunement provides within the context of the festival and is deeply grateful. We are also very appreciative of what Elizabeth offers so that we have a venue within which to give our gift. Those who have been with Elizabeth over the years are forming a powerful core of conscious “wellness” for this community, and, in fact, a venue for healing.

This year we shared 70 Attunements including those present at the Attunement circles, and received $400 in donation money.

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