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Attunement Retreat at Edenvale, 2017

When: April 7, 2017 9:00 AM to April 9, 2017 5:00 PM
Where: Edenvale Retreat and Conference Centre, 4330 Bradner Road, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1S8, Canada

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Edenvale, an Emissary Community in the heart of the Fraser Valley, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, hosted its annual Attunement Retreat on April 7-9, 2017. On that weekend you would discover up to 20 people Friday evening through Saturday evening fully focused on the experience of Attunement. Our Sunday morning service celebrated the highlights of the event, honored and expanded the exquisite generation of this time together, and welcomed others to join in. Attendees were from Canada, the US, and Australia. David Karchere was with us from Colorado. Hugh Duff, Barb Duff and Marilyn Manderson joined David in coordinating the event.

How to describe in words an Attunement event such as this?! From the check-in of each one present to our closing ceremony on Saturday evening, the reality of Attunement was explored by each one and all together. The title of the event on the advertising brochure was “Opening Energetic Gateways to a Creative Fulfilling Life.” A powerful theme opened up by David was “Attunement as a Practice and Meta- Practice.” This related to our individual offering of Attunement as a modality, as well as how we bring Attunement into each aspect of our daily function. Another major and related theme was Attunement and the Reality of Intimacy, Resonance, Philosophy and Message within that practice and in everyday experience.

Interwoven throughout our time, we shared Attunements to emphasize the themes, experienced a profound exercise called Coming into Intimate Space, Healing Chant, listening pairs and group dialogue. A theme throughout this time was maintenance of coming from one’s own intimate space.

Late Saturday morning we participated in the Annual General Meeting of the Emissary Attunement Guild via teleconference and were joined by people from around the world. The Guild Leadership Team welcomes two new members: Irene de Groof and John Flood. Included was a report on the soon-to-be-revealed new Attunement website.

On Saturday afternoon there was further expansion on the themes of Resonance, Philosophy and Message, which included enquiry such as: What are you paying attention to in the practice and the Meta-Practice of Attunement? What are you observing? What principles are you using? What are you doing?
An invitation went out for those individuals attending to offer a talk, which would be recorded, on the significance of Attunement as it relates to one of the following topics:

  • to the individual
  • as a practice
  • as a Meta-Practice
  • for creative fields
  • for humankind

“The attendees had many rich and creative offerings, and represented perfectly the amazing gifts that every person brings to their world in their own Attunement practice, throughout their days, and to the world at large. We closed our time on Saturday evening with a sacred ceremony developed by the participants of the event.

Our Sunday morning Service really allowed a step into a new day in consciousness related to the practice of Attunement, and well beyond. The responsibility for sovereignty and the unique gifts we bring to our worlds were highlighted. It is our joy to share this experience with others, thus allowing expansion of the current of Attunement on this planet today. ”
– by Marilyn Manderson

What People Said about the Attunement Retreat!

“From my experience I can say that, in a world of seeming uncertainty and personal responsibilities, the sacred healing art of Attunement brings me inner peace, deep rest and balance. From this place of inner calm there is a fresh and new opportunity for joy, serenity and creative inspiration. Attunement is gentle, natural, non-intrusive and in alignment with the energetic flow of life. I am thankful for those who offer to share Attunements and for the Attunement I can bring into my world each day.”
– by Jeannie Martin (Coquitlam, BC)

“I found Home at a deeper level.”
– by Julie Bohnet (Savona, BC)

“This was an extraordinary event and indicative of the new cycle in which we find ourselves. One outstanding component was the acknowledgment that in addition to a specific Attunement practice, there is something called a Meta-Practice which, simply put, is seeing our whole lives as our means of sharing Attunement. It was grand and I was so glad to be there.”
– by Maureen Waller (Edenvale, BC)

“The Attunement Retreat at Edenvale proved gentle and powerful and went deep. I loved the focus on Intimacy and on into Attunement being a Meta-Practice. Brings Attunement into our everyday life absolutely.”
– by Vicki Edwards (Riverdell, Australia)

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