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Attunement With Source

When: January 9, 2021 10:00 AM to January 30, 2021 11:00 AM
Where: Online

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We are hosting this course on Mighty Networks.


Is this a time in your life to become re-energized and re-inspired? To attune deeply to the Source of Life within you?

This online workshop is your opportunity to move past any energetic or emotional blocks so you can connect to what lights you up and illuminates the path before you. In four weeks, you will understand simple breakthrough formulas embedded in the Attunement Cards and learn how to use them on your life journey. More than that, you will have a firsthand experience of the power of these formulas.

There are so many potential distractions on our life path. So many events and people that can take us off course if we let them. Relationships can come undone. Job situations can come to the end of their useful life. Children leave home. Illness can set us back. Or perhaps we are simply ready to open up the next part of our life journey.

At times like this, other people might be available to assist. So perhaps we reach out for support. But in the end, it comes down to us.  We, ourselves, have to tune in, reassess, and access an inner guidance that shows the way forward.

Attunement With Source is an online workshop in four sessions for people who sense that this is that kind of time for them. It offers support for the delicate transitions we make at times in our life. It is an uncommon opportunity to shift consciousness to access the most profound creative powers within the human soul.

What are those creative powers? The inspiration of life itself. The power to create. The capacity to forgive and to love again. The power to see and understand other people and situations with compassion. The ability to affirm our worthiness and dignity as a human being. And the energy to move forward on our life journey.

Attunement With Source unlocks these powers.

The Sessions

Each session utilizes one of four Attunement Cards, known for their ability to evoke the creative forces locked within the human soul. The Attunement Cards explore the influence of subtle shifts in thought and feeling. Each one shifts energy in one of the seven energy fields of the human body related to the seven major endocrine glands.

Session 1: The Spirit of Blessing ~ Embrace the softening of your own emotional body that releases you into an experience of bringing the highest love into the world through the common experiences of your everyday life. The Spirit of Blessing enters the world through the spiritual gateway of the pancreas.

Session 2: The Spirit of the Single Eye ~ Open to an authentic vision of the oneness of the world, full of compassion and understanding. The Spirit of the Single Eye enters the world through the spiritual gateway of the adrenal glands.

Session 3: The Spirit of the New Earth ~ Feel the vigor and fertility of this spirit, which brings renewal and regeneration, and learn the consciousness practice that releases it. The Spirit of the New Earth enters the world through the spiritual gateway of the gonads.

Session 4: The Spirit of Purification ~ Notice and then release the artificial ceiling that modern human culture places on human potential, so you can fulfill the true destiny of your life. The Spirit of Purification enters the world through the spiritual gateway of the thymus gland.

The sessions will include:

  • An Attunement Card reading to music, designed to unlock energy
  • A presentation on the key factors for shifting the human energy field
  • Group discussion and engagement
  • Simple ceremony to deepen experience
  • An online dialogue group
  • Light exercises for the week following the session


My name is David Karchere. I am the author of the Attunement Cards. They are a deck of 49 cards and an accompanying book of meditations and prayers, Attunement: A Conscious Guide to Opening the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands.

I am also the author of the international bestseller Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

As a sixteen-year-old, I was searching desperately to find the path for my own life. And I was trying to figure out the answers for what seemed to me to be a crazy world. I found that the answers I was seeking were within my own heart and spirit, as I believe they are for all people. But even though they are there—hidden in plain sight—we all have to access them if they are to do any good. I’ve spent the rest of my life, up to this moment, in that process, gaining the emotional and spiritual intelligence I needed to find those answers and to share this journey with people around the globe.

I’ve taught these life formulas for the past 20 years to people around the world—to people at the Novalis Centre in South Africa, the Omega Institute in New York, Sunrise Ranch in Colorado; and British Columbia, Korea, Norway, Australia, and many other places around the globe.

My travels have proven to me that the Attunement experience—and the essential principles behind it—are not unique to a specific type of person or people of a particular background. It resonates profoundly with people from many backgrounds and walks of life. I’ve found that while all cultures are different, Attunement is universal.



I am offering the Attunement With Source workshop in four weekly sessions: January 9, 16, 23, and 30. Each session will begin at 10 a.m. Denver, Colorado, (Mountain) time and will be 90 minutes long.


Online Platform

Our sessions will be on Zoom. We will also have the opportunity to engage in the workshop on my online platform, Becoming a Sun Programs, hosted by Mighty Networks.



Registration will close on January 2nd.

We are offering Attunement With Source on a donation basis, with a $9.99 administration fee.

I have thought carefully about money related to this workshop. There is a long tradition of offering Attunement on a donation basis. I am very proud of that tradition. And so, I have decided to offer this workshop with a minimal admin fee and the invitation to donate to Sunrise Ranch to support us as we teach and offer Attunement.

Your donation is, in no way, a payment for the workshop. It is simply an expression of appreciation for the Attunement experience and a way for you to be a part of bringing it to the world.

Welcome to this experience if it is right for you to be on this voyage with us.


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