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Spiritually Growing up with Attunement

Jeffrey Goldstein SEP
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    I consider myself to be a very fortunate person to have learned Attunement early in my life!
    In 1971, as a young man living on Long Island, New York, I was searching for spirituality and a way to help bring my unique spiritual gift and light into the fast-passed world around me.
    I practiced Yoga and meditation, began to spend more and more time in nature, but my longing to help humanity awaken from the spiritual sleep that I saw around me, was not quenched.
    Then, I attended a lecture on Ontology at college, and met an amazing man, Louis Rotola. As I listened to him I said “Yes, I am home” and began to learn from him and his teachers.
    Then, after one of the lectures, a new friend offered to share an Attunement with me. When he finished, I looked up at him and said, “Wow! Thank you, how do I learn?” At that time, the way to learn Attunement was to go to a one-month and then a three-month class through the Servers Training Program with the Emissaries of Divine Light; which I completed in 1974.
    Since that time, I have been consistently sharing Attunements, and learning the vastness of the consciousness of Attunement in the USA, Israel and Switzerland.
    Recently, I completed a guidebook that is an excellent introduction for Attunement: “Energy Ball For Peace Ceremony ~ Personal Health and Global Blessing”.
    Jeffrey Goldstein

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