Lloyd A. Meeker shared the first Attunement in 1929 in Wichita, Kansas. He had been developing his own healing practice and searching for an answer to the spiritual questions that were driving his life. For three nights in September of 1932, Meeker experienced a spiritual awakening. He realized that the teacher for whom he was looking was within him, and that he had a spiritual gift to bring to the world. He continued to experiment and travel across the United States teaching the spiritual principles he had discovered through his own passionate seeking for inner knowing of the truth. He wrote under his pen name Uranda.

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As word of his teaching and healing successes spread, people were drawn to him from all walks of life. He began to focus more on spiritual education and Attunement was a natural part of his teaching process to draw forth the individual’s own awareness of their own spiritual nature. He spoke about his teaching as The Third Sacred School and eventually incorporated as a 501c3 religious organization in the United States, Emissaries of Divine Light.

In 1945, Meeker purchased a few hundred acres of dry land farm in Loveland, Colorado in order to have a place set aside where people could live together and practice the spiritual principles he was teaching. He placed a high value on the consumption of good healthy food so the body could manifest the life potential that was being released in the Attunement process. He saw a great possibility for the manifestation of the spirit of Love to be a reality at Sunrise Ranch.

Sunrise Ranch in the 40s
Sunrise Ranch in the 40s

Chiropractors in North America began to find deep resonance with Meeker’s Attunement teaching. Chiropractic is based on allowing Innate Intelligence to heal the body. A branch of chiropractors, led by George Shears, founded the G-P-C movement which was experimenting with healing energetically without a physical manipulation of body. They were amazed to encounter Meeker’s work with Attunement and his extensive understanding of the spiritual nature of the physical body.
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G-P-C Chiropractors were among the first people to attend a six-month Attunement class at Sunrise Ranch in 1952 known as the G-P-C Servers Training School. More classes were held in following years. The chiropractors working with Meeker were instrumental in collaborating with him to develop Attunement philosophy and technique.

Today, Sunrise Ranch continues to fulfil Meeker’s vision and provide an example of thriving spiritual community. It is the home of The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch and the Attunement Sanctuary where Attunements are shared on a daily basis in an attitude of radiant service to the world.
Programs continue to be available to deepen an understanding of Primal Spirituality and thriving community.Sunrise Ranch Logo 250

These include the Full Self Emergence program and Farm Internships. Weekly inspirational talks are available by live streaming from the Dome Chapel at Sunrise Ranch and also by electronic newsletter.

Sunrise Ranch welcomes people to come to visit or to attend one of our programs.

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