Introduction to Attunement

An experiential workshop to explore the power and principles of Attunement

What is Attunement?

Attunement is just what the word itself implies. It is tuning in to the power of your own soul and the creative source behind it. As a person opens their heart and mind to re-establish that primal bond with source energy, something truly magical begins to happen. Coherent energy enters our physical body. Our mind becomes tranquil and focused. Our emotions enter a state of flow. We begin to understand ourselves and the people in our life deeply.

Does this sound vital to having a fulfilling, happy and healthy life experience? We think so too. 

The Reality of Attunement

The truth is we are designed to be channels for the healing power of Love and Divine Light. Our bodies have energy centers that are gateways for cosmic energy to enter into the physical experience. We can never be more spiritual than the day we were born, and yet we do have a part to play in order to allow these energies to emerge fully in our human experience. The heart center plays a vital role in allowing these higher energetic frequencies to come into our mental, emotional and physical experience. As we see it, the ability of the heart to open to the power of love is essential in experiencing the reality of Attunement in our lives. 

Benefits of Attunement

What People Are Saying About Attunement

David Karchere

Author of A Conscious Guide to Opening to the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands.

Attunement is the process by which a person tunes in to the creative forces within them. Through Attunement, we connect more deeply to the life force that animates and heals the body, to the magical powers that inspire the mind, and to that greatest of all powers, the ability of the human heart to love.

Attunement is an energy medicine practice. It works directly with the subtle energies that move through the human body. You can receive an Attunement in a session from a practitioner. But the energy medicine practice relies on something else—the state of Attunement in the practitioner. And so, the word Attunement names not only the energy medicine practice but the state of consciousness that empowers it.

What could be more important for a person than their Attunement? Everything else of value in the human experience relies on it. 

Join us for a FREE 90-minute online workshop

"Introduction to Attunement"

Saturday | February 24th, 2024
10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Mountain Time (Denver)

Join us for this complimentary workshop, where you will not only have an experience of Attunement but also be introduced to some of the principles that are behind it. It is our goal as a faculty to make this a highly interesting, informative, and inspiring 90 minutes. This course is hosted on our online platform, Becoming a Sun Programs. By registering for this workshop, you will automatically receive a free membership to our Becoming a Sun Community and find many opportunities to engage, share and learn. 

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