Come To Love 

This Week’s Quotation:

Only love is forever. It is born in each human being throughout time. Some awaken fully to love and some do not. But love is here to stay. It is here now in all its glory.

Feel the warmth upon your face. Receive its light upon your eyes! Feel the awesome power of love resonating through you and all Creation! 

In the midst of all that is being born and all that is dying, 

Come to love. This is you. This warmth. This light. This power.

I see you awakening to it now. Join me at the very heart of all that is, in the molten core that is your soul’s deepest truth. Love! 

~ Excerpt from Attunement Card 46, “The Spirit of Love”

Come To Love

Howard Goodman, Attunement Teacher and Practitioner

In this critical time in the world many are feeling the immense call of Love to return to an eternal relationship with our True Presence who lives at the deep core of our humanness, the all-embracing vastness of Love itself.

Take a moment in stillness to open your heart to Presence. And without concern or trying, simply let a great tide of love begin to flow into you… continue until you feel and know how deeply held by Love you are.  

Filled with Love, we naturally reciprocate and desire to share love with people in our lives. Even as the forces of fear and destruction in the world are on the march, we know that Love is what the world needs most from us, especially now! 

We are the radiant receptors and transmitters of what love brings into the world— wisdom, understanding, kindness, and compassion—equipped with a new order of spiritual and emotional intelligence empowering co-creative action in the world.

Let Love shine forth through us to help awaken others. Let us be a bridge over troubled waters calling to safe ground all who hear Love’s call.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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This Week’s Quotation: In Realization is the absolute awareness of the Presence of the Wonderful One within. Realization reveals the Truth that in the Presence

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13 days ago

Let Love shine forth through us to help awaken others. Let us be a bridge over troubled waters calling to safe ground all who hear Love’s call.

So beautiful Howard and so vital for us all…

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
13 days ago

Yes, Howard, let us “come to Love.” And let it be the authentic nature of Love, the Truth of Love, not some human distortion or diversion of Love that can only bring violence and destruction. As you put it: “a new order of spiritual and emotional intelligence empowering co-creative action in the world.”

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure
14 days ago

Thank you Howard, I witness the countless times you provide a bridge for others in our community, tirelessly and spectacularly. It’s a grand invitation, and an experience that brings natural fulfillment. Thank you for your blog call to ‘Come to Love’. May many hear this from us all.

Tom Cooper
14 days ago

Yes, Howard! I am with you in coming to love and in inviting others to do the same. And I am so glad you began with an Attunement card because i love them and want to recommend them (and all publicized on this site including BECOMING A SUN) to anyone reading this. i’ve found anything you say, HOWARD, to be fully backed by love and I am in full agreement to let my heart be open to pour forth love as I write this so we are in synch and bringing the power of love in this moment. LOVE always, Tom C.

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