Author David Karchere with artwork by Karen Pritchard

Attunement: A Conscious Guide to Opening the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands

This card deck and guidebook are designed to bring you into greater alignment with your higher self, with your true nature, and with the Divine, Spirit, or God.



These Attunement cards and the accompanying book are a guide for people interested in energy medicine. They lead the reader on a conscious journey designed to open the gateways that allow healing energy to flood the mind, emotions, and body. Each of the 49 Attunement Cards marks a place along the path of that journey. There are seven cards for each of the seven energy centers, which are governed by the seven major endocrine glands. Each of those seven cards addresses a different sphere of human experience.

  • Source 
  • Ancestors & Leaders
  • Friends
  • Colleagues & Partners
  • Followers
  • Dependents & Staff
  • Teaching
  • Healing, Artistry & Ritual Space
  • Family, Community & Organization
  • The World


The Attunement Cards correspond to the chapters of the book. So the reader can choose a card and then read the related chapter. The text guides the reader through conscious shifts and heart-opening meditations.
The result of this practice is Attunement—peace in the body, tranquility in the mind, and a profound stillness throughout the human experience.
The Master Key on the back of each card is a guide to this process.