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World Radiation

Join us each Thursday morning for a period of global Attunement radiation from 11:00-11:20 a.m. Mountain Time.

The current of Universal Love knows no restrictions of time and space. We reach the entire world through our conscious connection and send healing thoughts and feeling connection across any man-made boundaries. Each week, we hold the world in our hands as we bring to mind people, places, world crises, human patterns of behavior—whatever needs the blessing of our radiant surround.
You are welcome to be with us wherever you are, in whatever time zone. If you like, you may light a candle to create a sanctuary atmosphere for yourself and to focus your awareness of the warmth of Love’s presence, which then radiates from your sacred place. You may also want to hold your hands, palms facing each other a comfortable distance apart to increase your ability to sense the transformational energy of blessing extending out to your world.

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One with the Wind
Christopher Foster

The wind that stirs in the trees of this garden,
last week may have crossed the steppes of Asia,
blowing a girl’s scarf about her head, in Moscow Square.
They do not check the wind at the border.
“Where are you from, and where are you going?”
The wind is at home everywhere in the earth,
And I am one with the wind.

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