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An Attunement Message

Friday, September 15, 2017

“I am thankful to have been on the faculty with David Karchere for this class of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch for the last three days. It was an intense opportunity to come into the vibration of what is true, to share it, and to be transformed by it. We just shared a ceremony of facing people in this circle, offering blessing through the radiant connection of eyes and attunement. I have never had this experience before, but as each person came before me I felt I was connected to their entire lineage.

I do not know how that happened. Some of you, I am not sure I have met, and if I have it has only been once or twice. Through this Attunement ceremony, there was a connection into the past and the future, a touching into infinity. I had the experience of extending blessing into your past and into your future, as you were with me.”

– Jane Anetrini

by Jane Anetrini

Jane Anetrini is a coach and teacher of Primal Spirituality and is the assistant spiritual director of Sunrise Ranch, a teaching and demonstration site for Primal Spirituality.  She is the director of the Full Self Emergence program at Sunrise Ranch  a program designed to share the enlightened knowledge of the transformational process that frees people to be fully themselves. She is the co-creator and part of the senior faculty of an International Leadership program. Jane has traveled internationally to offer courses that assist people in identifying and reclaiming their life's destiny. She also teaches the spiritual and technical components of attunement, a non-touch healing practice  Jane assists people to find their own inner wisdom, strength and vitality, and is a Doctor of Chiropractic who has been practicing for 38 years.

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