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Hello there! Well, today was the day for the Attunement presentation at my neighbouring Skeetchestn Indian Band (SIB). Wow! How much Fun we had! I know that you were with Marilyn Manderson and me to support us in Spirit…and I am sooo thankful for your loving surround. The idea of offering Attunement to this community has been […]

Clear evidence of spring was bursting forth at Edenvale Community in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada, April 6-8, 2018. Soft rain was the order of these days, where over 30 met to take part in an Attunement Retreat entitled Attunement: Spiritual Activation in Our World. David Karchere, Hugh and Barb Duff, Carol Robertson […]

Awakening to consciousness and presence An infusion of movement Life flowing inexorably Expanding cell by cell A true tide of life Experienced moment by moment Suffused with this gentle sea like surging and singing Enlivening cellular structure From the core expanding outwards. An involuntary curl of the lip upward A noticed welcomed signature Here I […]

My mentors in the art and science of living taught me that there are essential steps to be followed to deeply know the creative process in any field of endeavor—be it photography, buying a car or looking for a job etc. These steps have an irreversible orderliness and a unique tempo or pace of activation […]

The Maturing Understanding and Expression of the Qualities of Being Since returning from the work I’d been doing in the Middle East over the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to have a few medical exams which have included use of some of the latest medical technology. I am thankful for this provision […]

So now the northern hemisphere slowly but surely tilts more and more toward the sun as daylight lengthens. Our friends in the southern hemisphere have just enjoyed the longest daylight of the year—their hours of sunlight will now shorten. Here the balance is beautifully demonstrated. The earth’s movement in the heavens is a part of […]

In the midst of our human experience there resides a living Presence that we may know or feel, deep within us. When we are still enough, we may turn to hear its voice. We may not have the order of profound experience the disciple John describes in the last book of the new testament, the […]

Incarnation My choice, Lord I come, swifter than flight Potent in the coming, fire fueled Love giving to the heart of life Swiftly I come. From crystal fire to dark womb space compacted. I reach unformed to the root Gateway of the unknown My majesty purpose filled Holds the direction. I dive with sure intent […]

When two or more are gathered in my name there am I in the midst. – Matthew 18:20 One fine Saturday afternoon, just a few weeks ago, my dear friend Miriam Platt and I gathered a group of Attunement practitioners and students to explore the experience of the magical healing power of Attunement. We wanted […]

All war on the planet Starts as a spark of anger or pain In the heart of one man. Conflagration spreads As coals catch alight One touching the heat And heart of another. In the heart, all energy The energy of creation Waits for ignition An obedient servant To the authority of free will Conferred […]

Working with What Is I am thankful that plenty of leaves have fallen in the past few weeks as I have had time to rake, pick them up and dispose of them in our organic garden and farm areas. It seems raking leaves is one of those tasks that one can do while also meditating […]

I am reflecting on my recent experience of sharing Attunement with social workers participating in a wellness day offered by the Novalis Ubuntu Institute enrichment programme for teachers and caregivers called, “A Chance for Every Child.” A wonderful, creative partnership exists between Novalis, a social activist community development organization, and the Gate House Spiritual Centre, […]

“Have you ever listened to the earth?   Yes, the earth speaks, but only to those who can hear with their hearts.  It speaks in a thousand, thousand small ways, but like our lovers and families and friends, it often sends its messages without words.  For you see, the earth speaks in the language of love.” […]

This morning while in the Sunrise Ranch Sanctuary, I gave some thought to what the word sanctuary means. One definition is “a building set apart for holy worship.” In this sanctuary space I can see stained glass windows, a fireplace, several comfortable chairs and couches and plenty of reading material that may be used for […]

With undisguised Angelic commission Shining through The mundane world Enlivening Hearts and minds Open to hear The word of Spirit Love penetrating Light permeating Veils of forgotten function Purpose filled Dedicated to bring Remembrance of beauty and order Carrying the covenant Of Divine Will Illuminating the path Home -Miriam Platt

So many doors in the heart One only to the Centre where I am. So many stories told and retold, One sound of Love, clear and strong. Choosing the Way of the Way, One of all possibilities Of all voices and sounds, Clamour, competiton, Comparison and complaint, All discord bought to silence. Choosing the straight […]

Long distance Attunement is a miracle, free of the constraints of time and space. It is only governed by the depth of unconditional love in the heart of the giver and the receiver. Long distance Attunement is as sure as the rising of the sun and as free as the essence of a spring morning. […]

Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa is a very interesting place with many beautiful warm hearted people. I discovered this during a ten-day visit there in early August to renew friendships and participate in an attunement workshop. Miriam Platt (attunement teacher and practitioner) at Gate House, the site of a recent weekend Attunement workshop hosted […]

Let go, let go . . . Let go all . . .of what you know Let it all go . . . Return, return . . . Come back to Innocence Innerspace of No…Thing No need . . .No need . . . Now Deep Peace Deep resting in Wonder . . . And […]

Connecting The universal ever present field of love With this sacred Singular presence through a perfect design held in the heart of creation Ordained to birth into mankind. Gratitude for the flowing river of Life Igniting each gateway in reception. Awakening to the Golden Glory. of Living Being -Miriam Platt

Arise and come experience the ‘Big Reconnect!’ That was the call that drew thousands of awake people of all ages to celebrate conscious community at the Arise Music Festival hosted August 5-7 at Sunrise Ranch, nestled in the beautiful Eden Valley, near Loveland, Colorado. The Sunrise Ranch community, dedicated to the practice of conscious living […]

I have been packing and shipping boxes back to the USA in preparation for a new cycle in the adventure of living and working in Colorado once again. Day by day I have had some wonderful conversations over the last few weeks with people with whom I have heart connections, spanning eight years of work […]

For some, Attunement is a great discovery of the unknown. To others, it is a call to awaken to something that is exciting and wonder-filled, yet at the same time is hauntingly familiar. We are naturally in attunement with life whether we are wondering where this grand new way of living came from, or we […]

Integration; The space between us is holy. Continents bathed in oceans Once teeming with life The howling voice of desolation Brought to gentle healing Step by step by Love’s balm. The dream of wholeness Brought to life again In full and glorious flower Beyond the mind’s grasp Separation severed; The seeming hapless happening of Earth’s […]

Today and for the past few weeks in many parts of the world people have been fasting from food and liquids from sunrise to sunset as part of their spiritual tradition. Perhaps for some this change of routine will prove to be beneficial on many levels of experience, for it gives the physical body a […]

My Soul And yours Long for the communion Inherent in the design Of our Being The blessing of a great Harmonic Birdsong Music of the Spheres Our Soul song Sounding through the purity Of a clear heart Opening itself to God A conduit for Love Flowing into this place This Creation Bringing heaven’s heart The […]

On March 21-22 an Attunement education summit convened at Sunrise Ranch. Those who gathered were interested in teaching a curriculum that accurately represented the spirit and science of Attunement and that was coordinated over the many regions where courses are offered. We considered many factors and our own personal experiences of receiving Attunements and learning […]

The fundamental secret of Attunement as a sacred healing art and spiritual practice is unconditional love. After the inspirational writings have all been written and read, after all the Attunement techniques have been discovered, practiced and perfected, we are not much closer to the heart of Attunement. We can only get closer by choosing to […]

Using Forms as Contact Points for Spiritual Action It has been five years since my last visit to the Eastern European cities of Sofia and Plovdiv. I am glad to have journeyed there for a long weekend recently to meet old and new friends for an Attunement workshop and to sustain this connection of friendship […]

Just a few days ago, we convened a very special gathering of Attunement practitioners at the Gate House Spiritual Centre here in Cape Town. The intention for this time was to deepen our experience and appreciation for the central role Attunement is destined to play in our lives and for the world as a whole. […]

Attunement as a way of Being and a consciousness practice welcomes the Presence and energy of Love to flood our physical, emotional and mental levels of being, bringing our capacities into alignment with the natural design already operational in the invisible realms of Being. The love that flows through the Attunement current activates remembrance of […]

The Story Behind the Story I recently turned 65 and I am ready for and sense that it is time for a career change. So, as part of my preparations for whatever is next I did some research today on future social security benefits and counted how many years I have lived overseas as a […]

For love the world was made For Love we came from stellar source Spiralling to man the Earth We live for Love’s command on life’s journey Choosing swift remembrance Choosing the moment of connection In the heart Choosing wholeness of being Choosing purpose Deep joy – Miriam Platt

In a recent dinner conversation with a new friend, she mentioned that many young Arabs are hungry for educational or spiritual experiences that can assist them to see themselves differently…not just as students who need to learn new skill sets to land a well-paying job but as individuals hungry to know what it means just […]

What we come into Attunement with reveals the nature of the World we create 2016 has started in new and powerful ways amongst our friends at the Gate House Spiritual Centre in the Cape. We hear the call from the source of our being to build global community in partnership with many others and create […]

“We get more of what we pay attention to.” This was stated in a workshop recently. It underlines the value of being conscious of where my response is going and what I am attuned to. Recently, I decided to extend an edging of rocks for a long flower bed, but the area where I live […]

This piece was written to convey something of the experience and understanding of the flow and intent of Attunement, which essentially is too magical to capture or define. Connecting The universal ever present field of love With this sacred Singular presence through a perfect design held in the heart of creation Ordained to birth into […]

For many years, I’ve marvelled at the profound magic of Attunement as a healing modality and spiritual practice. I have participated in teaching Attunement to groups, sharing Attunements one-on-one, and offering long distance Attunement. I know the healing power, positive impact and  aligning influence Attunement has had in the lives of many people. Many years […]

Welcoming: A New Beginning Rugged Beauty Greetings new and old friends! This is my first blog related to the experience and expression of the attunement current in this part of the world. I live in the Sultanate of Oman and have worked here for the last eight years as an ESL teacher, photographer, attunement teacher and practitioner. Oman is a place and […]