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The Significance of Attunement

What is more important than a person’s Attunement to the source of wisdom and love within them? Everything good that happens in a person’s life depends on it. And without Attunement, nothing goes right.

Attunement is a deep mindfulness practice that activates the human spirit and brings increased life current to the body.

When a person experiences deeper states of Attunement, their human energy field lights up. They become empowered to share the energy that flows through them with others. This is the basis of the energy medicine practice of Attunement.

Practitioners & Members

The Attunement Sanctuary at Sunrise Ranch

Receiving an Attunement

Attunement is an energy medicine practice in the same family of practices as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Sukyo Mahikari. And yet, the practice of Attunement is unique unto itself. 

Find out more about the energy medicine practice of Attunement.

Attunement Centers

Attunement is practiced in various places around the world. You will find a description of our four major Attunement Centers here. And there are individual Attunement practitioners in many other places.

We also offer remote Attunement.

Write to us if you would like to receive an Attunement from a certified practitioner. We will connect you to someone near you or have someone offer you a remote Attunement.

We give Attunement sessions on a donation basis.

Sunrise Ranch

The global home for Attunement is Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, USA. Attunement has been practiced here since 1945.

If you are in northern Colorado and you would like to receive an Attunement, make an appointment with us by e-mail.

Attunement Meditations Blog

Help Us Bring Attunement to the World

Humanity faces many issues—global pandemics, war, and global warming, to name just a few. At an individual level, we ourselves, and the people in our immediate world, face the impact of global issues at a personal level. We witness people experiencing unprecedented levels of mental and emotional stress and sometimes losing faith in their life journey. We observe a growing sense of desperation and erosion of the joy and vitality that fuel a creative life.

The Opportunity Behind the Issues

We know that behind every one of these issues is an opportunity. And that opportunity is also an imperative of global proportion. It is the imperative for us as individuals—and ultimately for the whole human race—to reach a higher level of Attunement with the power of love within us. When that happens, new wisdom emerges. We activate a new level of intelligence that is in tune with the natural processes of the natural world in which we live.

Here is the simple solution behind all other solutions we must find as human beings.

Yes, there is scientific knowledge to acquire. There is technology to build and utilize. There is political action to take and money to be earned and invested, and so much else. But do any of us think that the answers for our own lives—or for the world— come from external activities alone?

The Attunement of the Individual

The Attunement of the individual is the solution behind every other solution. It is what motivates us, animates us, and inspires us. It gives us the wisdom and perspective to use any other solution wisely.

The Attunement of the individual is the catalyst for the ultimate Attunement of all humankind.

This is why we are asking you to help us bring Attunement to the world, one person at a time.

Three Steps

Here are three steps you can take to be part of this global mission.

  1. Experience higher levels of Attunement yourself through your own deep mindfulness mediation practice.
  2. Take the Attunement Practitioner Training so you can offer Attunement to others.
  3. Contribute financially to the Attunement Guild to support us in the work of developing Attunement practitioners, teachers, and programs.
If you look through this website, you will find many opportunities to experience Attunement yourself and be part of bringing it to the world.
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