For some, Attunement is a great discovery of the unknown. To others, it is a call to awaken to something that is exciting and wonder-filled, yet at the same time is hauntingly familiar. We are naturally in attunement with life whether we are wondering where this grand new way of living came from, or we are trying to figure out where we remember it from. The discovery or call to remembrance lies not in the definitions of Attunement but is awakened in the experience of Attunement itself.

When introducing someone to Attunement, it is a matter of telling them just enough. That is, whatever it takes to put the person at ease, but at the same time enough to pique their curiosity to the point where they simply have to try this thing called an Attunement. Too much information causes the person’s eyes to glaze over and numbs their sense of wonder. The actual experience of giving or receiving an Attunement steals their heart and blows their mind.

An old friend and Attunement teacher told me that when she is speaking and demonstrating Attunement to a room full of people, she gets them sharing Attunements as soon as possible. The call to remembrance is in the experience and is stronger than any logic and reason. Attunement calls the heart to remembrance at a deep level beyond the conditioning of the concepts and ideas that generally populate our minds and hearts. Learning to share Attunements is about letting go to our innate love of Life rather than mastering techniques or mysterious practices.

Just as learning involves curiosity and passion, teaching invokes even more curiosity and passion. The compulsion is to inspire and serve others. The road to being a teacher is accessed through a deep love to serve and a willingness to experiment. The two go together as naturally as breathing in and breathing out. As with breathing, we can either live in a way that frustrates or facilitates the process, but ultimately we don’t originate it.

An old mentor of mine used to shock his students as a way to bring them the gift of humility. He often would say, “There is no such thing as a great Attunement Server. There is no such thing as zapping someone with attunement. The person receiving the Attunement is 50% responsible for the Attunement experience, and the one giving the Attunement is 50% responsible.” What both are responsible for is bringing hearts brimming with a passion to give the fullness of unconditional love.

Every chance to offer an Attunement to another or teach others to serve their fellows through the gift of Attunement is a call to remembrance. I love to give Attunements. I love to receive Attunements, and above all, I love to teach others to share Attunements. Attunement is a wellspring that fills our hearts and flows out in blessing to all human beings as we serve and teach. We are bringing a call to remembrance to all peoples and the Earth itself.

– Hugh Duff

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