This Week’s Quotation:

Magic is not a matter of the mind so much as it is of the heart. The mind must know how to function in relationship to the heart. That is true. We have to have a certain awareness of the factors and be able to interpret them correctly. But basically, magic is a matter of the heart. And magic, using the word in this sense, works to some degree in the life of all human beings. You have heard people speak of the magic of a spring day or the magic of a sunrise, the magic of some lovely experience; the magic of falling in love, as it is put; the magic of many, many things in our daily lives. And that magic appears because of heart involvement, the feeling nature.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker


David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

The quotation this week is from a transcript of Lloyd Arthur Meeker’s 1953 Attunement Training. He used the word “magic” to name an essential dimension of the Attunement experience. It was an intensive six-month residential program, and here he was introducing it to the participants. In later sessions, he illuminated the relevance of magic to Attunement.

It seems to me that Attunement is greatly misunderstood by many who have studied and practiced it. And why? Because it seems easy to ignore the emotional intelligence that is so essential to the practice. Then Attunement is reduced to an attempt to cure people of disease. Of course, greater levels of Attunement do assist a person to deal with illness. But not because that is the focus of the process.

We enter a state of Attunement ourselves, and we inherit the power to offer Attunement to another because of magic—a perception of the heart of the life-giving currents that are the source of the human experience. And the more we have a feeling perception of those currents, the more we have the opportunity to harmonize with them and share them with others.

Through the perception of the heart, we feel and know the loving presence of the Wonderful One within ourselves and within all people. And so we live with the assurance of being a radiant expression of that presence. That is the magic of Attunement.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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2 years ago

Entering the state of Attunement is present as each of us live in the perception of heart momentarily in giving to another. This is the only way we can offer our presence of being fully. Perception of the heart enables knowing, understanding in grace.

2 years ago

Kind of repeating in my own way : Magic is present in daily living. Attunement allows one to come to the stillness needed in order to become aligned with and aware of the magic. Hearts are primarily involved in this process. We call it magic and it is and it is also the Way of Life. Healing at many levels occurs when one is in attunement with Life. It is a sacred privilege to experience and know this magic. Good to be with friends in Attunement. Big loves and blessings to us all. Thank you David.

Jerry Kvasnicka
2 years ago

Right now my mind is engaged as I write these words, but I have the magnificent music of Chopin playing in the background and the magic of his piano genius is flooding into my heart, providing a wonderful Attunement with the life currents moving through him and through me.

miriam platt
2 years ago

Magic! Conveyed in the tone of the words themselves .My morning began with calls around ill people, friends and family and became something of a weight on my heart. Reading the words “Through the perception of the heart, we feel and know the loving presence of the Wonderful One within ourselves and within all people” took me into the innermost place of my heart and to reach a still serene place , from which the clarity and stillness of Attunement is tangible , present, and radiant .

2 years ago

Magic is not a matter of the mind so much as it is of the heart. And Attunement is magic – what a blessing to be able to know and use this form of Magic!

Sharon Mueller
2 years ago

That is correct in my experience. Our permanent healing is connected to our own personal purification but persons in touch with Truth can offer the blessings and uplift of our attunements.

Marja Pretzer
2 years ago

Thank you for another beautiful message, miss Sunrise ranch and all that dwell there.Namastei

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