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An Artist’s Statement

Monday, March 13, 2017

My mentors in the art and science of living taught me that there are essential steps to be followed to deeply know the creative process in any field of endeavor—be it photography, buying a car or looking for a job etc. These steps have an irreversible orderliness and a unique tempo or pace of activation according to the design and control of what is needed in the moment. Thankfully these elements or stages of creativity are fixed in my consciousness and have stood the test of time as I have become more and more aware or awakened to their importance. This creative process could be described as the artistic experience of stillness, connection, creation and celebration. It pertains to my photography and my experience of life spanning many years and situations.

My “stillness” is evidenced by a mind and heart or emotional realm ready and willing to see the people I meet or the world I encounter through a lens or state of consciousness that is open to shedding light (understanding) on my subject matter to lift it all up.

My “connection” is trusting my innate wisdom to know what I need to focus on. What is of interest and value here? My “creation” of photographic prints or digital images includes removing what is not essential while adding factors of balance and tone to what I perceive. Really, it is a representation of what happens in my life.

I feel the celebration of the creative process when I use a photo as a gift to a friend or post it on a website or exhibit it. It is my intention that each photo be a unique statement of appreciation and support for the art and science of living in attunement with Source. Truly, we are Creator Beings with something to celebrate in spirit and form daily.

-John Flood

by John Patrick Flood

John Patrick Flood is a native New Yorker who has worked and lived in such diverse places as Saudi Arabia, Ireland and the Sultanate of Oman while teaching Special Education, English as a Second Language and Life Purpose coaching. He currently resides and works at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado as the Program Manager for Donor and Member Relations and as an attunement teacher and practitioner. John has Master degrees in Special Education and in Nonprofit Management. "My passion is to use my teaching, coaching and photography skills to deeply know and connect the pioneering expansiveness of my Spirit with all." His photography has been exhibited at Al Madina Art Gallery, Bait Muzna Gallery and Muscat International Airport in Oman and some of it graces homes and businesses throughout the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

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