Spiritual Cleansing

This Week’s Quotation:

When an individual is afflicted with a boil and it finally breaks, so that the putrid matter comes to the surface, the individual does not say, “This is mine; I must keep it; I must hold it to myself.” No, he lets it be cleansed away. He is careful not to let it touch other portions of his skin lest it cause further difficulty. He does not claim it. He does not identify himself with it. This is obvious in the physical realm in the matter of the boil, but what of the boil of the mind, of the spirit or of the heart, the emotional realm? If there be a cleansing there and some putrid matter comes to the surface, the individual all too often fails to recognize it for what it is and he identifies himself with it; he clings to it and tries to take it to himself. But if these boils of mind and heart and spirit are seen for what they are, then when the putrid matter rises to the surface it is relinquished, it is cleansed away, and with the cleansing comes a greater sense of peace, a sense of relief, a sense of well-being.

Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Spiritual Cleansing

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

What a graphic parallel drawn between a physical cleansing and the purification of the human psyche and human spirit!

I am not very good with blood and gore, and I avoid medical TV shows. But there is enough of a troubling nature that is erupting in the mass consciousness of humanity that I search for how to understand it. Perhaps this analogy helps.

Take the global pandemic. I am all in favor of taking public health measures that minimize loss of life as much as possible. I feel a personal responsibility for the people around me. And I feel great compassion for government leaders and healthcare workers who seek to preserve life. But is there something more to see to understand what is happening?

I am sure there are many factors at many levels that have led to the spread of this coronavirus around the world. So I don’t want to espouse one over-simplified quasi-spiritual belief about what is transpiring. But still…don’t you have the sense that in the processes of this disease, there is something that is being purged from humankind—that there are ways we have been living that aren’t working? And that the pandemic is exposing attitudes, beliefs and deeply rooted emotional patterns that are toxic to our race?

All those things add up to the need for a massive spiritual cleansing. And if Lloyd Arthur Meeker’s analysis of the process of purification is right, then it is critical for us to find a way to allow the process to transpire with maximum effectiveness.

I will continue to do my best to keep the most vulnerable around me safe from this dreadful disease. At the same time, I want to do my part in letting the spiritual cleansing continue without hanging on to what our own spirits are purging from ourselves and all the human race.

How else can we attune to the pure source of life within us? How else can we embrace a thriving future?

Let’s use these days as an opportunity to embrace the purifying power of our own spirits that brings new life.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Kari Bye
Kari Bye
3 years ago

Most people in my world are waiting anxiously for life to get back to normal. When I ask them about “normal”, I can bring their awareness to new thoughts about the future.

3 years ago

Very thought provoking and helpful for where I am right now. Thank you.

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