The blessing of Attunement comes in a great variety of forms that follow the design of life rather than custom and tradition, or even preference. In the years since Lloyd Meeker (known as Uranda) gave his first Attunement to Rudolph Plagge in 1929, the Attunement field has been filled with enthusiastic explorers and experimenters. Their criteria have been “Is this true to the truth, and does it work?” In other words, is it a blessing to the person who has come to receive an Attunement?

In these times there are many “regular” Attunements offered to reasonably healthy people and there are exceptional approaches to Attunement offered to seriously ill or severely injured people. There are legends and stories about the techniques and approaches to Attunement that were offered by the pioneers in this field. At the risk of being faulted for generalization, I would say the average Attunement occupies about twenty to thirty minutes. It is the process of attuning to the spirit, or energy, embodied through the endocrine glands and other body systems. In the background there are stories of Uranda and other pioneers doing three-minute Attunements on one hand and, on the other hand, sharing an Attunement for several hours at a time with the seriously ill or critically injured. In the real world, while there are techniques in the Attunement Server’s training that work in proven ways, in certain situations exceptional approaches are called for. These approaches are born out of the Attunement Server’s training, coupled with openness to primal (original) spirituality.

During the past year, my wife Barb and I had up-close opportunities to explore the marriage of our years of Attunement training with inspiration born of primal spirituality. In the first part of the year, Barb was in a serious car accident, which totalled the car and broke a number of her bones. Attunement has been at the heart of her healing from the beginning when one of our Attunement associates was among the first on the accident scene. The paramedics, the emergency room, the hospital care, the doctors, the physiotherapy, the home care and homeopathy have been excellent, while Attunements have continued to be at the heart of the healing. I made sure Barb received an Attunement from me or someone else each day for ten amazing months of healing.

I had wondered if daily Attunements could play the same role at the center of healing in serious illness. What I didn’t expect was to find out through personal experience. When I went in to the emergency room this September, Attunement was again at the heart of healing. This time it was at Barb’s hand with the help of other Attunement practitioners near and far. I had bacterial and viral infections accompanied by a supporting cast of other maladies. The medical attention, the hospital, homeopathy and other care has been excellent, surrounding the core of daily Attunements.

In these instances, Barb’s and my Attunement training, quickened by our openness to primal spirituality, took mainly the form of daily Attunements. In other situations, that same process of inspiration, combined with training, may easily manifest through an entirely different form, but Attunement will always be at the heart of healing.

– Hugh Duff

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