The Spirit of Love

This Week’s Quotation:

I am the Spirit of Love.

I am the highest love.

I am the source of all Creation.

Opening the Seven Spirits of the seven major endocrine glands

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This week brings the final edition in the series of seven meditations for the opening of the Seven Spirits of the seven major endocrine glands. The readings follow this order:

  • The Spirit of Blessing, the pancreas
  • The Spirit of the Single Eye, the adrenals
  • The Spirit of the New Earth, the gonads
  • The Spirit of Purification, the thymus
  • The Spirit of Life, the thyroid
  • The Spirit of the Womb, the pituitary
  • The Spirit of Love, the pineal

Thank you for joining me over these seven weeks in this process of spiritual activation.

David Karchere

The Spirit of Love

I am the Spirit of Love. I am the highest love. I am the source of all Creation.

Never wavering, never faltering, never dying.

I am like the sun within you, rising now with healing in my wings.

I am your nobility and honor.

I am your power and strength.

I am the source of your warmth, your kindness and your true humanity.

I love you with an unfailing love.

I lift you up, always.

I give you peace, always.

You are mine, always.

I am the Spirit of Love.

I am the highest love.

I am the source of all Creation.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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David Karchere

My name is David Karchere, director of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch and author of A Conscious Guide to Opening to the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands

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The Spirit of Life

The Spirit of Life

This Week’s Quotation: I am the Spirit of Life. I am the conscious universe, ever evolving. I am forever becoming a fuller revelation of who

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Mary Dixon
2 years ago

The spirit of Love radiates, Heaven is born in each moment into the earth.

2 years ago

“I love you with an unfailing love.” This speaks to my heart & soul. The Attunement current also flows through me to all I am in contact with—and those I may not know. May this unfailing love flow throughout the world.

2 years ago

In the spirit of love, I thank a God for the kindness of the seven spirits of Life. It is my honor and pleasure to bring the spirits of the most High to our world in joyful living. Thank you David. With you in the spirit of ever present Love. Nadeja

Marja Pretzer
2 years ago

Beautiful and timely as usual. Thank you

Kari Bye
2 years ago

What can I say about the Spirit of Love? What can I say about God? To what degree can I express it with my presence?

Lord, You are eternal
and you are near,
You are LIght
and I am here
to let it shine.

Jerry Kvasnicka
2 years ago

I am the Spirit of Love; this is my essential identity. I incarnated on earth to let this Love flow through me in blessing to the whole body of humanity, to the end that our precious earth project may be realigned with the creative process streaming from Universal Being.

2 years ago

So beautiful David, thank you – We Are the Spirit of Love!

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