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Harmonizing with Love

Harmonizing With Love

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-10-19

This Week’s Quotation: He or she who learns to harmonize with love, so that they use it constructively, finds that the greatest and most potent force in the earth is flowing through them. Without love there is nothing. Through love all the conditions of the world are brought into manifestation. How reverently the word should...
Attunement Current

Invoking Attunement Current

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-10-12

This Week’s Quotation: Thinking and feeling are both triggered by what occurs in the environment, and then the result of that activity is reflected by human action back into the environment again. So the whole process simply goes back and forth. We have become aware that there is another true process, which springs from nowhere...
The Invisible

Understanding the Invisible

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-10-05

This Week’s Quotation: The human mind has the propensity of refusing to believe that which it cannot see. That is one of the things that has kept mankind in darkness of course. It has tried to base understanding in that which it is capable of observing in the outer sense alone, and consequently it has...

Perceiving Through Feeling

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-09-28

This Week’s Quotation: Feeling is supposed to bring you into a state of awareness with respect to something, and when you feel that thing that is not right, that is not pleasant in the vibrational cactus bed, if you are functioning correctly you use the same discretion, the same process of selection that you would...

The Release of Power Through the Human Energy Field

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-09-21

This Week’s Quotation: When everyone around you is giving way to the pressures, you have an increased responsibility and privilege in staying steady, that the pressure may not be all wasted. Every time a human being gives way in the face of pressure, he dissipates energy, destroys or prevents the manifestation of potential power; he...
I see you

May I Never Fail to See You

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-09-14

This Week’s Quotation: May I never fail to see you. May I never accept as real anything other than the one I know as you. May I never give up on you, even if you give up on yourself. I shall not deviate from my vision of you as whole, as noble, as loving, as...
Faith in Life

Faith in Life

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-09-07

This Week’s Quotation: Fear is faith in that which we do not want. We need to have faith in the right thing, not in the wrong thing against which we would struggle or fight, as the case may be, in the ordinary pattern of things. If we have so much faith in the thing that...
Original Cause

Attunement With Original Cause

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-08-31

This Week’s Quotation: What is an attunement? An attunement is attunement with basic cause, disregarding all effects regardless of their nature, regardless of anything. You cannot give an attunement to any person in whom you cannot perceive original cause, try as you will. If you can’t perceive original cause in any servee, you cannot give...

Love Holds All Things Together

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-08-24

This Week’s Quotation: Love is usually confused with the human capacity to love, which is not love; for love is that spirit of togetherness which unifies man with that which is supreme, and is therefore the force which in the realm of the seemingly intangible operates like the force of gravity in the realm of...
Pressures of Reality

The Pressures of Reality

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2020-08-17

This Week’s Quotation: In the cycles outworking there are always those pressure points, pressure points which force the unreal to the surface. It is squeezed out, because the unreal cannot withstand the pressures of reality. Only the real can withstand the pressures of reality. Lloyd Arthur Meeker The Pressures of Reality I still remember vividly...