Conscious Daily Experience

The power of the Attunement experience is generated through the conscious daily experience of the practitioner.

Practitioners embrace a way of life that is harmonious with the flow of Universal Energy through themselves and through all living things. A conscious attitude of acceptance, compassion, gratitude and creative expression in life increases the flow of the Attunement Current that brings wholeness and wellbeing.

B. Conscious Daily Experience
The conscious attitudes that are essential to the Attunement experience evoke a new emotional experience. Creative thoughts evoke creative feelings that connects a person to the life force within them.

Love is comfort and solace. Love is joy and fulfillment.
Love finds the way. Love is the way.
How large is Love? How long is it?
What color is Love? Where does Love stop?
Love is infinite. Love is eternal.
Love appears in all colors. It never ends.
Love is everything. It is all things.
And without it, we are left with nothing.
Love is you. Love is me.
It overarches us all. It pervades us all, embraces us all, and holds us all.
Love is all.

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