Attunement Is Like a Powered Drink Mix

This Week’s Quotation:

That which is form in heaven, in the sense of the Inner Planes of being, is spirit to these planes of being. Though that spirit has form on those planes which have no direct meaning to this world in an outer sense, it is formless to this world; and only as the forms natural to this world are allowed to give form to the formless spirit can the forms of heaven have meaning on earth. And thus it is that heaven and earth can be one.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Attunement Is Like a Powered Drink Mix

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Attunement is the process of accessing the inner resources that power our human experience. It is tuning into the power of Love that fuels the heart, the light of Truth that illuminates the mind, and the vigor of Life that activates the body.

In this remarkable little quote from Lloyd Arthur Meeker, he addresses what might seem like a highly esoteric matter—spirit and form. I understand it this way. There is a specificity and a detail to the invisible resource behind our human experience. But its significance to us is what we allow it to create in us.

We may find the inner realms of light intriguing. But as Attunement Practitioners, we are interested in letting Love create something here, in us and others. We desire to allow Truth to free our minds. And we want to truly live and assist others to do so.

This is what it means to allow the invisible factors of heaven to take form in the earth.

Like one of those powdered drink mixes—add water, and voila! The essence of what was in the powder comes to life.

What are the mechanisms in consciousness that allow a person to tune in to the invisible resources within them, so they empower their life experience? How does the energy medicine practice of Attunement assist a person in this process?

Living out of this knowledge is what being an Attunement practitioner is all about.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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1 year ago

In certain moments when this current comes through me, I physically feel it move out like a wave of untimate goodness. It is a an experience of “radiating love without concern for results” yet knowing that that current carries with it, a blessing. It is a privilege and an honor to service in this way. .Much love and blessings to you David and all with you. Nadeja

1 year ago

This is so true!!! We may find the inner realms of light intriguing. But as Attunement Practitioners, we are interested in letting Love create something here, in us and others. We desire to allow Truth to free our minds. And we want to truly live and assist others to do so.

Howard Goodman
Howard Goodman
1 year ago

What a wondrous and evocative description of the power of spirit activating Life and creation in and through form, so magically and succinctly described by Uranda and you! Thank youI

As I open myself to the flow of Spirit entering me, I do experience a specific focusing of a higher vibration that infuses my feeling and thought nature, activating a heightened awareness of my own higher presence living in me.

Thinking of my daily Attunement practice and also sharing an Attunement with another … I can say that as the flow of life engages vibrational gateways I am aware of, in my brain, heart and body, as I say, positively influencing the quality of my awareness and heightening my sense of being super alive and present – I know the call I feel strongly as an Attunement Practitioner, to allow a focused harmonising partnering of my heart, mind and presence to engage with a far greater Presence and high intent than is personal, that fills all of me, an activated flow that carries blessing, enhance a new seeing and includes a natural honouring of others who are in the same light of being… and then Love fills my inner life as I may tenderly and respectfully engage the infinite beauty of universe abounding in exuding its self from the natural world that invites and receives my own shining grateful presence as I am reminded of the Great Creator Presence living in and through this wholeness of infinite variety, the Presence of Life all around me.
And it does feel good and productive to share this in appreciation for this enlivening piece. Thanks again!

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
1 year ago

This piece is so refreshing! Kind of like the powdered drink, LOL. I do find it intriguing that there are incomprehensible forms in the invisible realms. It makes perfect sense to me. It also makes sense that my participation in welcoming them is unique and that the forms that manifest are related to me and my creative field. It doesn’t all come down the same. And yet it is resonant and vibrationally connected.
I was just at an art show and several of the artists painted at the same location. While there were similarities, the beauty was in the representation of what was moving between the artist and the spirit they were sensing, the intimacy they were sharing with the beauty of the location. Let us enjoy each other that way as artistic expressions of the invisible heaven manifesting through our loving, our living

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