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Energy Medicine Practice

An Energy Medicine Practice
Attunement Practitioners offer sessions to clients that bring well-being through an energetic exchange conducted by the hands. Typically, Attunement is offered without physical touch. The Practitioner places his hands over the endocrine glands, nervous system contact points, organs and systems of the body.

Non-Touch Healing Practice
Client receiving an attunement
Attunement practitioners invite the participant to connect to the Source of life within them. The goal of Attunement is to increase the energetic flow while removing blockages to that flow so that a person’s core reality can emerge.
As the hands are held over specific areas of the body, the Attunement current activates the free flow of universal life energy between the spiritual and physical dimensions of the body, bringing balance, harmony, health and well-being.

People sharing attunement (image)
People sharing attunement (image)