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Attunement General

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Welcome to discussions with other Guild members regarding the general practice of Attunement, as well as discussions about your Attunement website! This Forum is a vehicle by which you can share ideas, experiences and visions for the overall Attunement program/practice and questions or update ideas regarding the Attunement website.

Training & Education

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Attunement training and education is a vital component of Attunement practice. This Forum offers you the opportunity to discuss and vision the possibilities that the integration of Attunement training into the Primal Spirituality class series offers. Enjoy and create!

Learning Center

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The Learning Center pages of the Attunement website are a work in progress with a great deal of potential for the Attunement community. This Forum is your opportunity to discuss what currently works or doesn’t work in the Learning Center, and how you, the Attunement Members and Practitioners can make it the best vehicle for learning possible for you. The sky’s the limit!

Primal Spirituality

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As you all probably know, the Attunement practitioner fosters the development of a person’s Primal Spirituality, knowing that this innate spirituality is the source of health and whole being. Please use this Forum to share your knowledge, experiences and ideas about this integration and the ways in which each area is enhanced by the other.

Questions and Answers

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Got a quick question about anything Attunement? Got an answer? Please share them here, and enjoy the sense of communion that can be generated by shared questions and shared answers!