LIVING IN ATTUNEMENT – the Art and Practice

Attunement as a way of Being and a consciousness practice welcomes the Presence and energy of Love to flood our physical, emotional and mental levels of being, bringing our capacities into alignment with the natural design already operational in the invisible realms of Being.

The love that flows through the Attunement current activates remembrance of our true transcendent identity and that brings a deep sense of well being. Attunement may awaken a person to an inner call to live life in service to their close-in world, and to bless the life of our planet at all levels of creation.

To receive the healing magic of an Attunement, there is really nothing a person needs to do but be open to receive Love. Love is the foundational source and character of our Being and naturally floods our outer capacities with a profound quality of presence, an enveloping atmosphere of wellbeing and a flow of radiant healing energy. Attunement naturally brings a deep sense of being at peace with oneself and with the world.

Here are some comments from people who recently attended an Attunement event at the Gate House Spiritual Centre in Cape Town.

 “I am a Buddhist Teacher and Coach…. Buddhism is clear about the two experiences every human being can count on: Everyone is born and everyone dies … and in between it’s all about pain and suffering and what to do about that! What I experienced tonight was that Attunement is what is left when there is no more pain and suffering! I will certainly be coming to your next Attunement workshop.”

Coming into Attunement with the flow of natural design is what this experience is all about for me. I experienced a much larger identity than the busy, opinionated self so familiar to me”

“ I experienced a pure vibration of love and a golden atmosphere that held us in an experience of oneness. I felt we were all at Home together and at peace with ourselves—so beautiful to create a new world from the vibrational realm of Attunement.”

Beautiful enlightened thoughts!

Here is some clear acknowledgment that the state of being attuned with Source allows for a new world to be created, both in consciousness and experience. So how can we sustain this liberating experience of Attunement? What does it take to live in a state of attunement with Life everyday?

Certainly to sustain the Attunement experience requires more than simply lying down on a massage table or sitting comfortably in a chair and ‘doing nothing!’ There must be an openness of heart, a ”Yes” attitude, the strong desire and commitment within oneself to consistently open to the Source of one’s Being and then to creatively express from that state of being at one with the higher Presence and flow of Love!

Here are some guidelines I use and have internalised as a checklist— perhaps a road map to stay on track to consistently experience what I love most. Before naming these 5 steps, the first priority is to be fully present and centered in the clear heaven of my own Being, conscious of the nature of my thoughts and feelings and what I am choosing to give my response to in each moment (it is a choice, by the way).

Sound challenging?

Not really! I am thankful that I am consciously able to open myself to the source of my Being, and to continue to practice that as my first heartfelt response. Then, soon enough I develop an accurate feel for the tone and character of my True Being and what it takes to stay true to that quality of presence as Who I am.

Why wouldn’t I want this more than feeding the experience of being enslaved and controlled by the pushes and pulls of the external world? I am not here to be victim of estranged thoughts and feelings that I create or perpetuate when my behaviour is activated by externally triggered controls from people or situations in the world around me. I am here to bring a radiant creative expression given me from the core of my Being into the world—“I am the Light of the world!”

I need not be fearful, tentative, embarrassed, or doubt myself when I am in attunement with the creative source and presence of my Being, letting my indwelling love and understanding guide the expression of my thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

As we open to the flow of Life we are given the gift of true control inherent in the invisible design of Being. Feeling attention with keen listening for what lives in the Silence of Heaven, opens us to a new way of seeing the wonder, beauty and alive creative potential that lives in the Silence, in the heavenly atmosphere that clothes an invisible kingdom of Reality.

Exercising trust and surrendering brings us the gift of letting ourselves be mastered by Love! With practice we learn to bring the same mastery of Love to our world. We let the perfection of our inner Being come all the way through as the fullness of ourselves is expressed into our world.

My 5 steps for the art of living in Attunement are:

  • Love the Identity and Source of your Being
  • Open to Source
  • Surrender thought and feeling to Higher Being
  • Centre attention in Source
  • Radiate Love to your world without concern for results and without judgement

These 5 steps will allow you to embrace people and situations with forgiveness, compassion, kindness and understanding. You will choose to be clear in your Yes’s and No’s and know yourself as the Creator Being you are, responsible for your creation—which is everything in your field of experience. Living in attunement we know that everything that is needed for creation to be born through us is already provided, awaiting our creative expression of what is radiantly moving through us from source.

We are empowered to know radiant feeling, enlightened thought and energised action that may replace the energy sapping effects of being held hostage by external controls and the weariness that results when we lose our connection and Attunement with the Divine Reality of who we are as Creator Beings.

Individually we have to be willing to lose the life of the self we have thought ourselves to be and let the loving enlightened full and free Self we truly are, be born through us—not just for our own benefit but one human being at a time—to fulfil a grand cycle of the restoration of a Body of Humanity able to stand in the Light of the clear Heaven in service to Higher Being, the Earth and the Universal Whole, once again.

May you, as do I, feel the Imperative call from within, to live in attunement with Creator Being everywhere!
I hope this article has been of value to you!
With my Blessing,

– Howard

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Love is comfort and solace. Love is joy and fulfillment.
Love finds the way. Love is the way.
How large is Love? How long is it?
What color is Love? Where does Love stop?
Love is infinite. Love is eternal.
Love appears in all colors. It never ends.
Love is everything. It is all things.
And without it, we are left with nothing.
Love is you. Love is me.
It overarches us all. It pervades us all, embraces us all, and holds us all.
Love is all.

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