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Spiritual Cleansing

One Fountain of Living Love

Author: Oren Yakovee

Posted On: 2021-07-12

This Week’s Quotation: Our joy in living allows for the ascension of spiritual substance up through us—the rising incense in our body temples, with love and gratitude for the heavenly source of all life. We are a fountain—a living, flowing temple. ~ David Karchere One Fountain of Living Love I wonder if we can consider...

The Fountain

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-07-05

This Week’s Quotation: It is what is inside that counts, and there is within each person this fountain. All too often there is a rock over it, shutting it off. We noted yesterday evening that one of the primary purposes of true education is the development of this spring, this fountain, within the individual, so that...

The Body Temple Is Holy

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-06-28

This Week’s Quotation: Thou art present in all. And we know the truth of this when all that we are in the external sense learns to keep silence before Thee. Then the rest-action of life is found, there is an increasing awareness of these pulsations in our physical bodies, an increasing awareness of these pulsations...

The Body Temple

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-06-21

This Week’s Quotation: The Holy One whose temple the body is has been excluded therefrom. Can we sense through radiant observation the holiness of the temple of the living God, so that we never allow anything to manifest through the temple which is not fitting to its holy state? ~ Martin Cecil The Body Temple...

The Sovereign Soul

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-06-14

This Week’s Quotation: The sovereign soulWho lives self-governed and at peace,Is centered in himself, taking alikePleasure and pain; heat, cold; glory and shame.He is the Faithful and Illumined One, gladWith joy of light and truth; dwelling safelyIn the Central Way, with senses subjugate.By this sign is he known:Being of equal grace to comrades, friends,Chance-comers, strangers,...


Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-06-07

This Week’s Quotation: We are beings belonging to a realm that is invisible as far as this world is concerned. ~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker Belonging It is a big topic—the sense of belonging. And there are so many dimensions to it; feeling like you belong in your family, your community, or your workplace. Or sometimes...

We Stand for the Core of Things

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-05-31

This Week’s Quotation: We stand for the core of things—a recognition of the fundamental realities which unify heavenly things and earthly things, in a realization of what the center of being actually is. ~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker We Stand for the Core of Things Physically speaking, the center of mass of the human body is...

Breaking the Bondage of the Unreal

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-05-24

This Week’s Quotation: As long as the unreal remains in a position of dominance in the world, the one who dares to walk in the Way must accept such conditions as being inevitable. It is only by the right function of the faithful ones that the bondage of the unreal can be broken asunder and...

The Present Moment

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-05-17

This Week’s Quotation: Why is it that most people wear themselves out? By the work they do? No, by mentally and emotionally doing things they cannot yet do (living in the future); by mentally and emotionally struggling with things about which they can do nothing (living in the past). No one is ever worn out...

Love Received

Author: David Karchere

Posted On: 2021-05-10

This Week’s Quotation: The heart is only purified by love. Love must be received if the purification is to take place. It must be received into the heart. It must be received into the subconscious mind. It must be received indeed into the conscious mind too. It must be received at every level if the...