Active Spiritual Pressure

This Week’s Quotation:

As we have a new attitude toward pressure we begin to serve. Without this attitude toward pressure patterns, we can’t serve because the service comes through the pressure. If we succeed—and some people become very adept in this—if we succeed in dissipating pressure whenever it begins to arise with respect to ourselves, we remain nonentities, absolutely valueless, no use to anyone. We are not interested in dissipating pressure. Our concern is to let it build because we are centered in the truth, and that which is not true, that which is of the distortion pattern, will be cleared out. This is our concern. Serving on this basis, with a new attitude toward pressure, we can go anywhere and do anything. We can move into any realm of function. We can deal with human beings in any sphere, and we are not limited in our attitudes as to how things should be handled.

~ Martin Cecil

Active Spiritual Pressure

Oren Yakovee
Attunement Teacher and Practitioner

Do you ever wonder what it takes to increase one’s effectiveness as an Attunement Server?  It is certainly a question that has kept me awake through the night at times. 

One of the most crucial inner mindfulness practices that assist my Attunement service is following Martin’s counsel to cultivate an active relationship with spiritual pressure. 

An Attunement practitioner from any lineage experiences spiritual pressure when opening to divine source, and then utilizes that spiritual pressure while radiating the gifts of love and light in service to others.

Have you ever pondered the captivating dance between actively embracing or generating spiritual pressure in each moment, and the potential for transformative magic it could bring?

Martin outlines some key qualities that may become more available in one’s experience when we change our attitude toward spiritual pressure. One is to recognize that our attunement service deepens as we embrace the pressure as our ally, viewing it as the engine that empowers our attunement practice.

Martin also recommends allowing the pressure to build in recognition that we are a conduit for its transformative energy that propels our service to unprecedented heights and depths.

Additionally, recognize that as the pressure builds, distortions fall away allowing the truth to guide your responses. Active spiritual pressure propels you to go anywhere and do anything, creating intentional vibrational pressure patterns that can connect to, embrace, and penetrate the needs of those whom you serve.

So, how do you typically respond when spiritual pressure builds? Are you attentive to dissipating patterns that scatter the energy? Are you the source of love pouring out simultaneously to all of creation and all beings? Are you the sculptor, chiseling away at distortions?

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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5 months ago

These are true, wise words, Oren, thank you. There must be pressure in and through us for creative form to appear in our worlds in offering attunement.

5 months ago

Thank You Oran
Yes There are many different pressures needed to bring the New.
The same as I have given Birth,
I have learned to hold it the pressure, and to go in the Flow of that current.
I keep on practising Love Irene

5 months ago

Thank you Oren and all responders – it does always seem that Spiritual pressure shows up when it is time for an opening to a new awareness for us – a shift and change for the better – a gift….

5 months ago

Life has so many different pressure experiences. For me spiritual pressure has a unique feeling. It brings me to a halt over and over until I stop, centre and accept the guidance that is pushing for my attention. It won’t stop until I do. I welcome that pressure because even though it is very unsettling at times, I know that there is something from a higher guidance that needs to come through. I need to trust that pressure…. always.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
5 months ago

Yes, Oren, let pressure build. It is essential to our spiritual work. And the Chinese new year, which began yesterday, is associated with the dragon, which in turn is associated with vitality and power. How wonderful during this lunar new year to bring an intensified expression of Love, the source of power and pressure.

Tom Cooper
5 months ago

Yes. Oren. I welcome rather than run from spiritual pressure with you. Distortions do fall away and the increase in voltage draws more creative substance to us like the iron filings drawn to a magnet. Welcome pressure! Mahalo for your insights and example. Love, tom C.

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