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If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

~ Jesus of Nazareth


David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

I marvel at the work of the translators of the Bible, especially William Tyndale, who contributed heavily to the King James Version. It was he who came up with those illuminating words: Let there be light.

Even though this saying of Jesus has been deeply meaningful to me as an Attunement practitioner, it has always seemed to me that the word agree was a one-dimensional way of saying something multi-dimensional. In the Attunement process, there is so much that happens between the practitioner and the one receiving the Attunement that goes far beyond what the word agree denotes.

On Saturday, I researched the Greek word that was translated as agree. It is a form of the word sýmphōnos. Sound familiar? It is the origin of the word symphony, and it means harmonious, agreeing in sound. Who knows what the original Aramaic word was that Jesus used in this teaching? But at least this Greek translation carries a sense of the multi-dimensional experience we have sharing an Attunement.

It is the harmonious sounding together that manifests the Attunement current. This is what reanimates our human experience.

An Attunement is a symphony of holy power working between the people involved.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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David Karchere

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5 months ago

During group Attunements – much less One on One – you can feel the the symphony of energy moving through, in, and around body, mind and spirit. What a blessing!!!

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
5 months ago

“An Attunement is a symphony of holy power working between the people involved.” Well said, David. I will use this explanation myself in the future. Words that describe the magic and wonder of the attunement process also carry the life-giving power of the attunement itself. Thank you

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
5 months ago

As you bring out, David, Attunement is a multi-dimensional experience. To generate and release the full power of agreement, the person receiving the Attunement has as much spiritual work to do as the person sharing the Attunement.

5 months ago

Hello David, Thank you for this enlightening perspective on the word agreement. There has been such emphasis on mental agreement between two people, or agreement and follow through about what someone else has decreed. And rightly life does include some of that. Your words open up the level of knowing and agreement from a perspective which honors both individual Attunement with Life itself, and the unique expression of one to one experience, and indeed the collective, from the reality of alignment with Source. May our expression reflect our maturity of understanding in this regard!

Tom Cooper
5 months ago

Symphonos! TWOgether ! Love, Tom

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