Attunement and Prayer

This Week’s Quotation:

The relinquishing of the external attunements, in order to experience the divine attunement, requires the development of the reality of prayer on the part of the individual so that he is no longer centered merely in that which has been experienced because of others, but he develops the experience for himself alone. In such case, there is not dependence upon anyone else for the experience.

~ Martin Cecil

Attunement and Prayer

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

When Martin speaks of “external attunements,” he refers to an orientation to elements of human society and a sense of self-importance that people attempt to achieve because of it. And, of course, he is urging people to turn away from that so they may know Attunement with Source for themselves.

I love how he speaks of the part that prayer plays in our true Attunement. What is prayer? Depending on your religious upbringing, or lack thereof, you might have various ideas about it. For some, there are specific prayers with specific words that are repeated. For others, it is a more extemporaneous practice.

Some might see it as addressing Jesus or God. But for others, it includes a practice of “praying over” others. For some, prayer is a practice that is alien to them.

I don’t want to box in what the word prayer might mean. I would like to open up a deeper experience and practice of prayer.

I see prayer as conscious communication with the essential reality within all people and all things. It is communication with the source of our own being. And it is communication with the source reality in other people and nature.

My experience of prayer includes desire. I feel the desire of the source within me for me to thrive and for people in my world to thrive. I feel the desire that people feel loved and know the opportunity they have to love others.

Prayer is conscious communication with a reality that is invisible—even though that invisible reality has a physical manifestation. But prayer is not just mental. It is not just thoughts and words strung together. It is a vibrational conversation. It is an exchange of energy and power at a high level. And to use another word that defies definition, it is a spiritual exchange.

Perhaps this blog post is an experience of prayer. You are invisible to me right now and me to you. And yet, there is a conscious spiritual exchange at an essential level of our being.

I would not be writing this if desire was not in the picture. And you wouldn’t be reading it if not for the desire in you.

Through this prayerful exchange—through this vibrational conversation—we have the opportunity to know greater levels of Attunement with the Source within us both.

So may it be.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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2 years ago

I love this – I see prayer as conscious communication with the essential reality within all people and all things. It is communication with the source of our own being. And it is communication with the source reality in other people and nature. Thank you!

2 years ago

Thank you for this beautiful expression of the essence of prayer. To me it says it all.

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
2 years ago

Your words invoke many different things for me. I almost daily get requests to pray for people, Some I know intimately, others casually, others not at all, What does it mean to pray for someone. I expect for those requesting the prayer there is often an underlying desire for an outcome. It could be a return to health, a desire for peace, or for an easy transition. Long ago I realized the power of just saying yes and bringing that person into consciousness. Not with expectation but with blessing or grace. “I am here with you”. Pretty simple huh! I know something changes as a result. For the one asking, the one mentioned, and for myself.
I reside in the place of the power of love, the power of my being, and say yes. “I am in heaven” “we are in heaven” “Heaven is here”.
Weekly I offer the invocation at my Rotary meeting. “We are here, we are thankful, we serve together” Too simple, doesn’t matter, very accurate and a powerful portal offered to any and all who willingly open to that prayer.
Thank you for this stimulating consideration, David

Anne Lise
Anne Lise
2 years ago

Thank you, David, I happily join you in this powerful spiritual exchange called ‘prayer’, and know that the world is a better place because of our collective vibrational conversation – horizontally and vertically, Aumen

Charles Lewandowski
Charles Lewandowski
2 years ago

Thank you, David

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