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This Week’s Quotation:

We are beings belonging to a realm that is invisible as far as this world is concerned.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker


David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

It is a big topic—the sense of belonging. And there are so many dimensions to it; feeling like you belong in your family, your community, or your workplace. Or sometimes not.

Issues of belonging can become so extreme for a person that they wonder if they belong in this world at all.

An Attunement Practitioner knows that the key to a strong and authentic sense of belonging is captured in the words of the quotation above. I know that belonging to something invisible can seem elusive and abstract—seemingly far less immediate and palpable than a person sitting next to you. But this is about the origin of things and knowing what causes a sense of belonging and what results from that cause.

As ephemeral as it might seem to be, there is a dimension to our human experience that is the source of Love and belonging. Call it the realm of angels, heaven, the cosmic realms, or whatever you like. It is an essential reality that is not only “up there” and spread throughout the universe but available to our own heart and soul. And it is only invisible for as long as we ignore it.

When we tune into the reality that we belong to that realm—that we belong to Love itself, we are children of Love—then it becomes visible. We feel it in our bodies. We see the essence of it all around—in the trees, ocean, and sky. We belong to nature. And we see it in the people around us. Yes, there is all the craziness of the world in which we live. But there is a goodness that transcends the crazy. We belong to that. And the people in our life belong to us. They are our people.

I hope you find it easy to see how this sense of belonging, and the origin of it, is intrinsic to the experience of Attunement.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Mary Dixon
Mary Dixon
19 hours ago

Yes so agree….in order to enfold others in Attunement I tune into a deep stillness, where there is a sense of Home and a belonging to the vastness of the Cosmos. I acknowledge the Presence in the invisible realm which vibrates continually in all living things. I share the deep Love.

Diana deWinton
Diana de Winton
1 day ago

There is an ease that comes in simply knowing that I belong. That state has always been available and it takes only relaxing into it, feeling the refreshing state of it and letting it be the natural pulse that is so easy to be expressed in any moment of living.

Marja Pretzer
Marja Pretzer
9 days ago

So very relevant in these turbulent times.Blessings and 💜💜💜💜💜💯

Irene deGroof
9 days ago

Yes we belong together, I am thankfull for each time we all are coming together for the deeper experience of bringing spirit on Earth. It has it s effect on everydayl s ife . And through the proces of reciprocity and the continuation of that ,its a regular healthy heartbeat.

Love Irene

10 days ago

Belonging to my Community is a major blessing…..

Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper
10 days ago

Absolutely. David wrote “But there is a goodness that transcends the crazy. We belong to that. And the people in our life belong to us. They are our people.” Totally with you in belonging UPWARD and knowing those in my field belong to me in the way you describe. With you in the intensification of this reality. Love, Tom

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