From Age to Age

This Week’s Quotation:

From age to age, Love’s word rings forth, “The Truth is true and all is well, unconquerable life prevails.”   

~ Martin Cecil

From Age to Age

Anne-Lise Bure
Anne-Lise Bure,
A cosmopolitan in love with truth.

Attunement Practitioners know how to open the seven spiritual gateways that welcome the Reality of Love to flow into our human experience. In this way we are opening the Book of Life individually and as a conscious collective. I love that!

And I believe it is vital we recognise the importance that we share our attunement experience with people in our world—guided by the Grace of Love always with us in the eternal moment of Now.  

Have you been introduced to Wim Hoff? He is known as the iceman—known for his ability to withstand frigid temperatures. In a recent interview, he shared his experience of how unconquerable life takes over in extreme situations. As I listened, I had a memory of such an experience involving my two-year-old son.

I was picking my children up from a kiddie’s party when suddenly, out of nowhere, my son ran toward my moving vehicle. I heard a thud as his body met the side of the car. Shocked as I was, there was no thinking or feeling. There was just being fully present, surrendered to the is-ness of the situation. The power and grace of an all-embracing Love had kicked in and prevailed! Fortunately, my son was unharmed and after a soothing embrace, we were ready to go home.

Have you ever experienced extreme moments? I suspect most of us have.

Of course, we don’t have to be in a life-threatening emergency to be fully present. Every day provides us with opportunities big and small to open the Book of Life and welcome its Grace.

What a gift to be released from the paralysing lethargy of past patterns, fear, limiting beliefs, and the survival focus that have held us back from knowing the joy and freedom of being fully present and fully alive.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Tom Cooper
20 days ago

Many thanks, Anne-Lise. Yes, I agree with you, Carolyn, Katie, and Jerry — and have also had “extreme” moments in my life in which it was very important to be fully present. I found in those moments that angels whether visible or invisible came in to provide protection and healing. It is good to learn of the ice man from you and to hear of your son’s story. The only time we have to bring impact of a radiant nature into our world is NOW. Here’s to the eternal nowbeit in which we can bring what seems to come from NOWHERE into NOW HERE. Extra thanks, Anne-Lise. For anyone reading this, I highly recommend the many opportunities publicized here such as the on-line course, the mailing list, and David Karchere’s book, BECOMING A SUN. Thank you. Tom

20 days ago

Thank you for your beautiful words, Anne-Lise. I’m with you in opening through Attunement to the indomitable spirit of Life, now and always!

20 days ago

Yes – 2 NDE’s and 20 close calls – many very close – I feel so very blessed to have made it to 81 – aiming for 100 like my Grandmother. I love my Community and all of its Blessings and all of its Love, and all that we learn and share together. This is a very interesting planet and worth experiencing 🙂

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
20 days ago

Yes, I have experienced many extreme moments in my life. Once I was lost in a blizzard in the middle of a field with no idea which way to go. Something told me to just keep walking and I stumbled upon a road. A dairy farmer was driving by in a big SUV with his family, trying to make it back to the dairy. He told me to climb aboard. I spent the night at the dairy and had a great breakfast there the next morning. He then helped me to locate my car and pull it out of a ditch. It was all an experience of “living in the moment.”

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