The Baptism From Within

This Week’s Quotation:

The greater fulness of the release of God Being from within yourselves appears, that there may be the fuller expression of that which you really are on earth; and in this, in the collective sense there begins to be the experience, the manifestation, of the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings appearing through His body of many members. This is the baptism, from within, of that body–His coming forth into expression through that body composed of many members. The preparation is made for this by the baptism by water; but the baptism by water is not sufficient to permit the fulfilment. There must be the baptism by the Holy Ghost, and with that there comes the experience of increased release from within oneself and a diminishing of the necessity for the influence from outside oneself, so that no matter where you are, where you are serving, what the conditions are or the circumstances, you still serve, because spirit is coming forth from within yourself, and you do not have to find the external provision that is going to support you and hold you up.

~ Martin Cecil

The Baptism From Within

Oren Yakovee
Attunement Teacher and Practitioner

Have you experienced a baptism? I normally associate baptism with religious conversion or confirmation, signifying cleansing, purification, communion with the Divine, renewal, and rebirth.

What might an experience of the baptism by the Holy Ghost be like? I associate Martin’s beautiful description of the Holy Ghost with the flow of spiritual energy that I have experienced in the presence of Attunement practitioners from many diverse lineages. 

Rather than immersion into water, I experience Attunement as a baptism into an oasis of the full immediacy of what is available energetically in this here-and-now moment, then naturally allowing what is present in those innermost depths to enfold and penetrate the field.

To me, the path of Attunement is the way of experiential learning. When one undergoes a shift in vibration, it’s as if the fabric of reality itself is altered, and suddenly, every sensation in every moment becomes imbued with a heightened sense of clarity and purpose.

Renewed and reborn from this state of heightened awareness, learning transcends mere intellectual understanding as one becomes intimately attuned to the subtle nuances of existence.

Is there any area of life that wouldn’t benefit from greater awareness, presence, and mindfulness? Each experience can then become a gateway into deeper insight and self-discovery, uncovering and demonstrating one’s ever-unfolding potential for co-creation, transformation, and interconnectedness.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Berry Behr
Berry Behr
1 month ago

Oren this is a beautiful meditation, both personally and collectively. Recently I had the honor of witnessing a group of about 30 Malawians wading into the sea fully clothed to receive a baptism from their spiritual leader. They had prayed collectively for two weeks about their next steps, and for them the baptism represented their collective re-surrender to Divine Will. Witnessing this inspired ritual from a respectful distance (I was also in the water), I felt drawn into an experience of Primal Spirituality – an immersion into Oneness, Wholeness, Allness. The water was the medium, the prayer was the intention, but the Holy Ghost was the Presence and in that moment all of Creation – the subtle nuances you describe, flowed in Attunement and the baptism was experienced individually and collectively. Thank you for this reminder of a profound blessing.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
1 month ago

You have elaborated on a fundamental truth, Oren, that baptism in the power of Love within oneself brings clarity, wisdom and energy that transforms living into LIVING!

Tom Cooper
1 month ago

Yes, it is great to take the word “baptism” out of the box and feel it as any energy flow while welcoming the Attunement current flowing through. Many thanks, Oren. I also strongly endorse the on-line course, subsciption opportunity, and mailing list mentioned above. ATTUNEMENT all the way! Love, Tom c.

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