The Basis for True Intelligence

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Self-centeredness pits every human being against every other, and the uncertainties of the emotional patterns cause a fluctuation of attitude which is in no sense logical or reasonable.

When we are dealing on the basis of true intelligence we anticipate that the expression will be logical and reasonable, that there will be a basis of agreement. We note that wherever there is the spirit of prejudice it is impossible to establish a basis of agreement, because prejudice is not subject to reason or logic. Prejudice always presumes to pass judgment without investigation, without examination—a predetermined basis of ignorance and fear, and the result we call prejudice. When we consider how much of the pattern of individual action is governed by prejudice, by fixed convictions, ideas, attitudes which have been developed without understanding of the facts, we see that logic and reason have not had an opportunity to function effectively in individual lives and, in the collective pattern, for the human family.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Basis for True Intelligence

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

A self-centered viewpoint is so pervasive in our world that most people accept it as normal. But here’s the problem. It isn’t. And as long as a person, or a group of people, see a circumstance only from the standpoint of their wants and their beliefs, they shut out a higher intelligence.

On the world scene, the results of the self-centered viewpoint are obvious enough—gruesome war. For most of us, there is little we can do about that directly. But we do have our own perspective to consider and our own relationship with the immediate world with which we interact every day.

The Attunement practitioner knows that as long as self-centeredness prevails in a person’s experience, they cannot know peace. Because a self-centered perspective pits a person against the implicate order of the world in which they live. And so, there is an unrelenting stress the person has unwittingly bought into.

There is an unfolding creative order for our lives when we allow ourselves to see not only from our own perspective but from the perspective of the entire creative pattern we are a part of. We are then harmonizing with that pattern. We are attuning to the unfolding creative order of our lives.

We are finding the basis for true intelligence. And peace.

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Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Leia Meryt
Leia Meryt
2 years ago

There’s certainly lots to contemplate inside higher intelligence within this post.
Having been a teacher, I promoted learning about and practicing “critical thinking” with my students, as young as pre-k and K in the classroom setting.
It was a delight to share learning and growing in this quality of understanding a thought process as an integral life skill with these young people.
Portraying this as a pertinent developmental milestone and relaying that to parents was substantial in my experience as a teacher.
We learn from one another how to be “critical thinkers”, not as a self-centered endeavor, filled with judgment or expectations.
There’s a sense of urgency that is contained in the word critical here, an illumination in consciousness to draw forth a higher intelligence that creates the “greater works.”
A magnified expansion without ego, without prejudice, only functional agreement.

Marilyn Manderson
Marilyn Manderson
2 years ago

The subtlety of this judgemental pattern in huankind is what comes to me in this moment. Centuries of this profound tendency in humanity has allowed it to take hold, to various degrees, in all of us. Intelligent awareness of what this pattern feels like, what its thought processes are, and what it looks like when inflicted on others, really gives deep pause. One must have a clear place from which to observe ones capacities in this mode or pattern, and allow the energy moving out of that clear place to engender a shift, a release of the judgement, as it shows up.It is meant to be gone!
  It is my responsibility to let it go and delight in what of pure Life replaces it. Life through me will fill in with something meant to sustain and grow, not diminish my world.. Thank you so much for your clarity regarding this matter and sharing it for our consideration and action.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
2 years ago

Self-centeredness puts us at odds with the creative process of life and can be the undoing not only of individuals but also of the whole body of humanity if it is allowed to persist. I often remind myself that I am here not to get the most out of life but to give the most into life.

2 years ago

Thank heaven – There is an unfolding creative order for our lives when we allow ourselves to see not only from our own perspective but from the perspective of the entire creative pattern we are a part of.

Tom Cooper
2 years ago

Yes, its easy enough to see racial, gender, age, and LGBTQIA prejudice – and to see it as a key factor in the Ukraine invasion. But what about me? How do I feel when i see a particular person or hear from them if we have had “history” or if they subconsciously remind me of someone who once hurt me? Or if I can’t understand very well the way they talk or look ? Prejudice is so deeply pervasive within and beyond. I find this is work I must do CONSTANTLY rather than once and set it aside. So great to hear Uranda’s and David’s thinking about this in concert. Deep thanks, Tom

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