The Mother of All Living

This Week’s Quotation:

Motherhood: the mothering of life on earth; not just life which appears in the baby form but life everywhere. There is a term rather popular in the world of man, Mother Nature. Mother Nature is looked upon as being a vague something or other, scattered everywhere over the surface of the earth, which by some magic means achieves miracles–and there certainly are some miraculous things which are made manifest in the realm of nature. But what is Mother Nature? Who is she? Where is she? In the minds of men, an abstract principle of some kind–Mother Nature. But Eve is Mother Nature, the mother of all living; and specifically when we come to the operation of God’s creative works here through man, we find that woman, properly speaking, draws to focus in herself all the essences which might be classified as Mother Nature. The control of all things here on the surface of the planet is made possible from the divine standpoint, from the standpoint of the divine design, by reason of the presence of woman on earth.

~ Martin Cecil

The Mother of All Living

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Spiritual visionaries of our day speak of the rise of the feminine. The Dalai Lama proclaimed that he is a feminist and that Western women will save the world.

The Brahma Kumaris speak about feminine power and the rise of the feminine.

Published in 2013, the Athena Doctrine asserts that “femininity is the operating system of 21st-century prosperity.”

Martin illuminates the significance of not only the feminine principle but also the role of women embodying that principle at work in the world.

Gender politics is a daunting field, often full of contention and opinion. In that kind of thought environment, whatever is true, and real, and vital is hard to discern. Opening to what might be behind Martin’s words, what might it mean for the presence of women to bring divine order to a troubled world?

As a man, conceiving of this possibility creates wonder as I ponder how it would be to live in a world like that—and curiosity as to how it might ever happen and what part I play in letting it be so. I notice that this short quotation says nothing about a man’s role relative to women.

I acknowledge the rise of gender fluidity in world culture. I can’t address here how a gender-fluid person should relate to Martin’s subject except to offer this thought: If you are fluid, it is related to a principle that is not. You may be fluid in relation to gender, but the principle of gender is unchanging.

The Mother of All Living… Who is she? Where is she? It seems this would be a good time for her to appear plainly in the world. We need her now.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
5 months ago

Yes, let the Mother of all living appear. I’m tired of the patriarchal systems that have brought so much disturbance and destruction to the world, especially the plunder of nature. May the Divine Feminine rise in my life and in the life of humanity!

Tom Cooper
5 months ago

Fully agreed. As soon as you say “women are more ….(fill in the blank) ” or “men or more ….(fill in the blank…)” you miss the real point that WOMEN ARE MORE and MEN ARE MORE than we have ever realized in both senses of the word REALIZED. Would it not be wise for us all to aspire to fulfill the true feminine potential AND the true masculine potential than to get lost in a sea of comparison and competition. appreciate all you are saying, David. Love, tom

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