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This week’s quotation:

The purpose of Attunement is this: To establish alignment in the body and mind and heart with the natural life forces of Being, and alignment in the body with the forces of life from Source.

We can experience alignment—those changes necessary to the fulness of health and strength in body and mind and spirit—only as we remain true in polarity and abide.

Lloyd Arthur Meeker

How do you sustain and deepen the experience of Attunement?

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

Most people I meet remember a time in their life when they were initiated into an experience of Attunement. They may not call it that. But still, they can recall a time when the roar of the world faded and they experienced the kind of alignment that Lloyd Meeker’s words speak of. There was a hush and a peace that fell over them, and they experienced all kinds of wonderful things that are unique to each of us.

What fascinates me is what we do after that initiation. How do we let the experience deepen? How do we integrate it into our life? How do we share it with others? And perhaps most importantly, how do we stay in the experience of Attunement when facing the events of the world that challenge us?

Attunement is a way of life. It is a journey. Attunement is a constant revisiting of the highest truth and the highest love of our Being. It is abiding in that reality and reminding ourselves that even if we feel extreme pressure from the world around us, peace reigns supreme in us as we stay centered in what we have come to know.

Peace reigns supreme. The power of love that flows through the heart and the body is filled with light.

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