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Unconditional Love: The Heart of Attunement

Monday, June 6, 2016

The fundamental secret of Attunement as a sacred healing art and spiritual practice is unconditional love. After the inspirational writings have all been written and read, after all the Attunement techniques have been discovered, practiced and perfected, we are not much closer to the heart of Attunement. We can only get closer by choosing to love unconditionally.

Unconditional love seems to be either out of human reach or, at worst, an oxymoron. In this world as it is, to love unconditionally seems to be an unattainable goal to be known and lived only by saints in long lost times and places. Why leave unconditional love to the remote saints and content ourselves with offering the blessing of Attunements only as well as humanly possible! On the other hand, why settle for mediocrity when the supreme blessing of unconditional love is within our hearts! Anyone who has fallen in love with another person in a romantic sense has touched unconditional love. In the first flush of romantic love, all judgement is suspended and all is right with the world. The one who loves only wants to find a reason to love more deeply.

In unconditional love it is enough to yield our hearts to the compulsion of simply giving love because we can. This is the nature of Attunement, in that we serve our fellow human beings for the simple reason that we are built to serve and to give. It is a deep compulsion that knows fulfillment only through loving and trusting the inherent design and control of love.

People come earnestly seeking to learn how to give Attunement effectively. We who teach Attunement unconditionally love those who come to learn. At first many come thinking to learn the technique of this healing art or understand the mysticism that seems to fuel Attunement. We enthusiastically teach them what we have learned through our experience in the sure knowledge that what we teach will ultimately be useful, and that if they truly love to give Attunements, their own hearts will crack open in receiving and giving unconditional love.

Attunement is like music in that we have to hear the music deeply in order to give our own music clear expression. The heart is to Attunement as the ear is to music. When I am sharing Attunements, I often find myself listening. I am listening not for audible voices but listening with my heart for the inspiration of unconditional love. I am listening to sense the next step in the design of unconditional love. If I bring conditions or judgement in my heart, I cannot hear with my heart because it is too full of noise. Learning to listen with my heart in an Attunement comes with learning to deeply receive an Attunement. Just as we let the ear be tuned through listening to music, we let the heart be tuned through receiving Attunements.

If we would open our hearts in giving Attunements, there is no substitute for opening our hearts in receiving Attunements. The real Attunement is received and given through a heart consumed with knowing unconditional love. Here is the great secret of giving Attunements and it is a secret no more.

– Hugh Duff

by Hugh Duff

Hugh Duff, one of the seven Emissaries of Divine Light Trustees, is a dowser and attunement practitioner. He is a teacher of Attunement Practitioner Certification classes and Right Use of Power workshops. He leads Transformation Groups, small circles of people who create supportive environments for personal life changes. As Regional Director with Emissaries of Divine Light, British Columbia, he offers spiritual guidance to people in their life journey. Hugh’s home base is Edenvale, a thriving spiritual center and conference and retreat center in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Hugh is Faculty for Attunement.

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