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The attitude of the resurrection allows the responding one to UPLIFT all that responds to life, and that which does not so respond is allowed to fall away without concern. The process of ascension is, as you know, TAKING PLACE ALL THE TIME IN EVERY HUMAN BEING TO THE DEGREE OF HIS LOVE RESPONSE TO GOD, WITHOUT RESPECT TO BELIEF, RELIGION, RACE OR PLACE.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker


David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

In most people’s minds, the word resurrection is closely associated with Easter and seldom used otherwise. It does happen to be the name of a Turkish television series that is wildly popular in parts of the Islamic world. And the origin of the word has a plain meaning—resurgence. It has come to imply a rising up.

The Easter story tells of both resurrection and ascension, which transpires forty days later in the story.

In the Attunement process, we invoke the powers of resurrection relative to ourselves and others. That’s what we are doing when we bring our own radiant energy field in touch with the energy field of another person. We are inviting the gateways within the body that have the potential to release the power of resurrection to open. And as they open, we are creating a resurgence of vitality and well-being.

I love the comment that we have to be unconcerned with whatever is unable to respond to the activating current of Attunement. Why? Simply because there is nothing we can do about it. And our attention is needed on what does respond.

Our neglect of the unresponsive is not because we are inobservant of the totality of the situation. It is just that what doesn’t respond is irrelevant to the recreative processes immediately at hand. This attitude relates to the experience of Attunement in all of life.

Isn’t it a relief to stop worrying about what doesn’t respond with an upsurge of life so we can engage with what does?

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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7 months ago

Not to worry – the very best advice!!!

7 months ago

Thanks, David,
I also trust that when the words and actions of Love andTruth are sent into the field the Higher Self receives them whether the conscious mind recognizes them or not. Like seeds planted in fertile soil they will bloom when they are ready. Love, Jeannie

7 months ago

The Words in this piece to let the attention flow to whats responding with the life current of Love and Truth and not to worry anymore what doesnot respond. Thats a relieve!
Just providing the safe place for the people and situations what needs care.
And by that, all is being uplifted.,as it is being felt and heard. Thank you Uranda and David.

Jerry Kvasniaka
7 months ago

I believe Jesus said at one point: “Let the dead bury their dead.” In other words, we are interested in what responds, what is ascending, or as you put it “what doesn’t respond is irrelevant to the recreative processes immediately at hand.” This does indeed simplify and clarify our action as servers.

Marilyn Manderson
7 months ago

Yes indeed, what a relief it is to be deliberate about ceasing the worry about what does not respond to the Presence of Love, Truth and Life, and focus on ongoing creation from Source, moment by moment. I just now completed sharing an attunement with a friend. The process focuses on such spirits as Love, Life, and Blessing and the enhancment of the Presence of these spriitual realities in one’s consciousness. All things that move with the current of Life are made new within this context, and are inevitably creative. Thank you for your consistency in bringing these vital, clear and true messages to the world!

7 months ago

Absolutely. May we rise up and open the doors of resurgence and resurrection through ATTUNEMENT. No need to pay attention to what will not rise. I / we welcome all response and bless it that it may rise as we/I ignore that which falls away. So simple yet so potent and accurate. Loving thanks for your thought and personal example! Nameste, Tom

Jerry Kvasniaka
7 months ago
Reply to  Tom Cooper


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