2016 March Attunement Summit

On March 21-22 an Attunement education summit convened at Sunrise Ranch. Those who gathered were interested in teaching a curriculum that accurately represented the spirit and science of Attunement and that was coordinated over the many regions where courses are offered. We considered many factors and our own personal experiences of receiving Attunements and learning how to be an Attunement server. This time together brought us to a higher level of appreciation for the privilege of knowing and sharing the Attunement current, which is the animating current of all life.

The following statements were spoken by the participants and articulate the many dimensions of this powerful healing art . . . Jane Anetrini

LINDELL GREEN: Attunement is both the revelation of and the experience of who you really are. You are divine. You may not know this yet, but I do know who you are. You may try to argue me out of this viewpoint, but I know who you are, who you really are, regardless of what you may look like, talk like, or may have done or not done in your life in the past. You are divine.

CAROL ROBERTSON: Attunement is the merging of your inner being with your outer capacities, all contained in the universal whole. Is that grandiose enough for you? It’s true. We don’t always remember it, and there are processes that help us to remember, sharing of energy that opens those gateways back up again. But this is who each one of us is, every day, from birth until forever. And that would be what I would have you experience in a process of being in attunement day by day.

ANA NEGRON: What is attunement? Attunement is a way to live our life in perfect resonance with the tone of God. It is the living in alignment with the highest frequency there is, the frequency of love. When we are attuned to divine love, everything we think, say, or do is loving. Then we bring that highest power to everyone and everything. We bring beauty and order to any situation, place, dialogue, et cetera, et cetera. You bring light to darkness. Sometimes when you are attuned, you bring something sweet. Sometimes it’s hard or bitter. But it’s always love. When you are attuned, you feel deeply. Your body might shake, tears may come, or maybe a song or a vision. But your eyes always change, your vision changes, and what you see is heaven. Attunement is not fixing or healing. It’s bringing right design so that we could be the deliberate creators that we are.

BOB EWING: Attunement is the central way of creation, from the core of Being, emanating through universal diversity. It is most applicable to the creativity that can be offered in human relationship, purifying and lifting to fullness of love through body, mind, heart and expression. It is a process of worship through radiance and response to the Most High.”

DIANA DE WINTON: Attunement is sharing. But first it is a sharing and knowing, each of us with our first love, our divine Source. Each of us brings a world that is vast—an internal world of sacredness, and also a world of experience. These two worlds blend internally in us. We not only have a responsibility to be connected deeply with our Source, but also to take care of the world that we are responsible for, whether it be our thoughts, our feelings, or our deeds, or those who are closely connected with us, the place we live in, the nation, the country we live in, the world, and further beyond. As divine beings, which we truly are, we have responsibility that goes far beyond just this (gesturing to include her surroundings?). What a privilege it is to gather the strands of the world we are responsible for, holding them wisely and safely in our hands, and letting them return.

HUGH DUFF: Attunement is the great gift of the Creation, of the Creator to the creation, that’s given through the heart of one human being to another, and mainly offered through the endocrine system, through the pineal, pituitary, and so on. And in that giving we look at the endocrine system as gateways to aspects of the spirit we each are. Like, say, the pineal is the spirit of love; the pituitary, spirit of the womb, of bringing forth into your world, into your creation. And attunement often is a relaxing, sometimes warming feeling. There’s a warming feeling with attunement. And also it can invigorate and refresh. And in this relaxing there’s also the invitation for you to bring your highest and best of your being, in agreement with what I bring, which is the  best of my being, to this attunement. And together, in the course of the attunement, we bless our worlds. And in that is one of the great pleasures of my life.

JENNI DOUGLAS: Attunement is a body-centered energy practice that helps me align with my inner being. Each individual on this precious earth has their own unique essence or God-center. This God-spirit interconnects all living beings. Attunement aligns my unique essence with my physical presence here on this earth at this place and at this time.

DORIAN BLACK: Attunement is the glory of Cosmic Being before the world was. In it there’s a sharing of those infinite aspects of life, creation, without beginning and without end.

BARB DUFF: Attunement is one part of the language of Being, spoken to Being, through eyes, hands, air, and sound. In silence all songs are heard. In movement, worlds are created. In response, past and future blend into now. We touch fireworks or the moon at midnight.

RACHEL MORRISON: Attunement is the vibrational technology and language of the human soul. It’s a vibrational technology that allows you to connect all the facets of your life in a self-coherent manner that reflects your innate blueprint as part of a universal whole. Imagine living in complete harmony with yourself and with others, and everything in the universe. Powered by universal Source that animates everything and everyone—a Source that powers love through unique gateways in a perfect design and generates a sustainable life force that ensures a health equilibrium that is actually natural, free, and abundant.

ANDREW HORWOOD: Attunement is a way of being at one. At one personally, internally, so that peace is known in the heart and calm in the mind. At one with the cosmic forces of the universe, so that you may rest, knowing you are loved, needed, and wanted, you belong, at one with all people; that you are an invaluable part of the grand design of the One Life. Attunement is a way of being at one.

ANNE-LISE BURE: Attunement is alignment with the heart and mind of God, through me and through you. It is the capacity to be in harmony with life, in which we all move with the currents of love emanating from the heart of God, and truth from the mind of God. Attunement allows animation and creation from Source through you and through me. Attunement can allow life to flow from me to you and to the ends of the earth. Attunement honors the One I am and the One you are, from the stance of radiance. Attunement is a force to be reckoned with. I am attuned. I am that I am.

MARILYN MANDERSON: Attunement is a simple way that we interpret our understanding of how the realm of infinite possibility is revealed through an individual and into the manifest world. It is an opportunity to allow the current of the divine presence to merge with creation in a loving and generative way. This sharing of energy enables participants of this practice to experience true identity more fully and know inspiration, joy, release, and rest at a more intimate level.

CLIFFE CONNOR: Attunement is the result of the perfect outworking of the One Law. Attunement is balance. Attunement, you could say, is the breath of God on the face of the earth. Anything done in attunement is perfect. Anything done outside of attunement is somewhat lacking. The perfect outworking of the One Law of the sex principle is the most powerful force that we’re capable of having an inkling to understand and to experience. Attunement is life. Attunement is God.

GARY GOODHUE: Attunement is resonance with the very essence of life itself. Everything is made of energy. Attunement allows for the most refined frequencies of energy to have a channel to express into the coarse and dense energies that primarily inhabit our human lives. Attunement is being a bridge for the spiritual realms and the physical realms—heaven and earth. To be in attunement is to embody and share the presence of divinity. This allows for a transformation to occur in yourself, others, and all of life, in a way that would otherwise be considered miraculous by normal human standards. Attunement is magic.

KEAHI EWA: Attunement. Attunement is that gasp of air when appreciating a beautiful landscape; the feeling of awe from a baby’s gaze; a collaborative or intense conversation; the giggly-wigglys from a hug of a loving person [unclear—“in the time it’s needed”?]. Attunement is an experience and a knowing of the life force that animates all things. Attunement is a remembering of our alignment with that life force, that we are that life force. Attunement makes all things—chaos, turmoil, joy, elation—one. Attunement is life.

MAUREEN WALLER: Attunement is the means by which the reality of Being of each of us may be experienced and shared with our world. The fearfully and wonderfully made human body, as it now is, provides the means for this and enables the sacred to be made tangible. We were created to live in this experience and to have the earth, at all levels for which we have dominion, to be drawn into a coordinated pattern. Jehovah may live.

JANE ANETRINI: Attunement is an opportunity for the power and design of the cosmos to move through those who are sharing it. It is a time of regaining balance and orientation, allowing all that has lost its orientation to come back home to the Home vibration. It is an experience of giving and receiving radiant blessing. It is an opportunity for conscious human beings to offer upward orientation to the whole manifest world, bringing into existence the kingdom of heaven, the experience of paradise, the knowing of the glory of the Lord.

DAVID KARCHERE: Attunement is a way of being in your own flesh, in relationship to other people and to the world around you. The state of attunement is the answer to any challenge a human being could face and any problem they might encounter. When faced with any issue of whatever kind, you have the opportunity to enter this state of being more deeply. You have the opportunity to let deeper, stronger, and more and more beautiful vibrations enter your human experience and reverberate into your world. The truth is that you, as the outer human being, are a throne for the inner reality of Being that you are. And in the experience of attunement, you are allowing the throne that you are in an outer sense to be made available for the reality of Being that you are on the inside. Attunement takes advantage of all the gateways for the spirit of who we are to sit upon that throne and then express from it and through it, through our outer capacity as a human being. When one knows attunement for oneself, one can be an instrument of attunement in the world in which one lives.

RUTH BUCKINGHAM: Attunement. Attunement is my life, my conscious, radiant expression. It is who I am. Attunement flows through all the realms and levels of this planet and is all that is vibrant and abundant and juicy. Attunement is the cosmos lined up and flowing through me. Attunement is the discourse, the interplay between spirit and form. Attunement is my life and the living of it consciously in service.

PHIL RICHARDSON: Attunement is the sacred ordering power of the cosmos. Attunement allows the power of the Creator to find expression in manifest form. It is the order power of the Creator that brings peace, that brings order and tranquility, that brings disturbance in its reordering power, that always seeks to move towards balance and accuracy to the divine design. You and I, as human beings, are privileged to have been designed to access that power ourselves. We can do that in the name of the Creator, in the name of the One we are, when our capacities that have been designed to carry that power into our worlds are aligned with the Creator. And when that is the case, attunement is our very way of bringing order into our lives and bringing the Lord’s creativity through our consciousness and allowing it to manifest in the world in a way that represents the divine design. Attunement is the ultimate elixir of life.

JOHN PATRICK FLOOD: Attunement is the life coursing through my body and your body, to be at ease. Attunement is poets standing in line, ready to recite words I always long to hear. Attunement is the life, the Source, the knowing of Being, the magic of creation, timeless, coming home to the reality of my Being. It is connection with what is. Attunement is a way back to remembering my first love, divine Source. Attunement is the sun bathing my skin, bringing warmth on a chilly day. It is a cool glass of water taken in gratefulness from the loving hand of another. Attunement is letting mind and focus come to rest, and then playing while creating.

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Love is comfort and solace. Love is joy and fulfillment.
Love finds the way. Love is the way.
How large is Love? How long is it?
What color is Love? Where does Love stop?
Love is infinite. Love is eternal.
Love appears in all colors. It never ends.
Love is everything. It is all things.
And without it, we are left with nothing.
Love is you. Love is me.
It overarches us all. It pervades us all, embraces us all, and holds us all.
Love is all.

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