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Another Voice

Thursday, February 7, 2019

By Andrew Horwood

There’s another voice inside me
An old friend
A deeper tone
More resonance and less noise
The voice of Love

There’s another language inside me
Words not yet found
For it’s essence that’s shared.
More stillness than sound
The communion of the spheres
Where words aren’t needed
Yet connection exquisite
And knowing is full;
The language of Love

There’s another ME inside me
Larger than now
The snake shedding skin
Revealing the One I AM
Dwelling in radiant love;
The ME who is Love.

by Andrew Horwood

Dr. Andrew Horwood is a holistic medical doctor, Attunement Practitioner and Teacher, workshop presenter, mentor, poet and a leader in the Emissaries of Divine Light in Australia. He enjoys offering attunement such that a person may come to know for themselves the joy of surrendering to the design that Life has for a person—this makes all the difference! Attunement by appointment

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