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Monday, December 19, 2016

My choice, Lord
I come, swifter than flight
Potent in the coming, fire fueled
Love giving to the heart of life
Swiftly I come.

From crystal fire to dark womb space compacted.

I reach unformed to the root
Gateway of the unknown
My majesty purpose filled
Holds the direction.

I dive with sure intent
Into the black sap stream
Surge upward
Seeking for seed and shape
Blind I enter the birthing circle.

Birthed into being
Of a different order
Boned body, breath filled
Earth binds my unbound spirit
Swift soaring spirit
Held, form framed.

My song, Lord
I come, surer than flight
Potent in the coming
Flame fueled
Love giving to the heart of life
Singing I come.

-Miriam Platt

by Miriam Platt

Miriam is practitioner and teacher of Attunement and Reiki, having great respect for both disciplines. Her first love is Attunement and she has run an Attunement Practice since 1980 and currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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