An Exchange Heart-to-Heart

This Week’s Quotation:

We begin to convey something beyond the word, that is, the spirit of the word. The spirit of the word fits the outer form of the word, of course, but is an exchange heart-to-heart, not conscious mind to conscious mind direct.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker


An Exchange Heart-to-Heart

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This week’s quotation is from Lloyd Arthur Meeker’s six-month Attunement training in 1953. It speaks to an essential practice for Attunement practitioners—using words in a way that conveys a message heart-to-heart.

One of my most vivid experiences of the use of words that convey spiritual current and speak to the heart was in Thailand. I had gone there for ten days on business. Stepping foot on the land, breathing in the smells of this tropical land mingled with the aromas of food from street vendors, I was overwhelmed with how different a culture could be.

I was greeted by the woman behind the counter at the hotel.

Sah wah dee khaa… 

What was this? Her words—mainly in English—seemed to be sung more than spoken. And there was a curious current of feeling. It felt like love. But she wasn’t flirting with me. She was simply registering me for the hotel room.

I soon discovered that all of Thailand was like that, at least as far as I explored it. Practically everyone I met had that same melodious way of speaking, carrying that same spiritual current. The memory of it is still vivid in my mind.

For many English-speaking people, the focus of the spoken word can be its explicit conscious meaning. And so, the emphasis is on communication from conscious mind to conscious mind. And if there is any feeling current involved, that is secondary.

An Attunement practitioner learns to reverse this way of approaching their speech. They focus on emotional flow expressed through tone of voice, and then they clothe that flow with conscious thought. This is how they bring words of encouragement, upliftment, compassion, and inspiration. Their words don’t ring hollow—without real care and love to back them up. They resonate with the current of Attunement. They create an exchange, heart-to-heart.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Sam McKune
1 year ago

….unspoken words can very well “speak loudest” , agree, in a sensing of the love “back of” those communicating; tho words may very well be an adjunct to this, of those exchanging “a love or loving “dialogue” that is not necessarily, as you mentioned, only of conscious mind to conscious mind…..

…….(.in one of Neil Donald Walshes books, the Co-Author mentioned :
Synergistic Energy Exchange….. )

Good to discuss this with you, then…..
thank you…..

1 year ago

Yes, certain areas of the world have not lost the knowing that our words should truly come from our hearts as a song transmission. In Thailand, Bali, Bora-Bora, Native Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii – and more – the people think with songs in their hearts – and those are the sounds they share – what a blessing…

Barb Tervo
1 year ago

Holy Mackerel! This paradigm shift of elevating the Hearts’ Voice and Intent as the primary transmission is nothing short of Kingdom Come…it’s a Revolution, and gives me the good idea to just sing Love songs all day long. Thank you, truly.

1 year ago

My heart is singing receiving these heartfelt words.So True.!❤it is as agentle Kiss in all our communications..

Marilyn Manderson
1 year ago

Ultimately everyone seeks this heart to heart experience in knowing fulfillment for their lives. It is the responsibility of the Attunement Practitioner to know and reveal ones own loving and giving heart and to find the perfect way to share that with another. This is both a joy and an adventure as we navigate our connection with the heart of another. Thank you David for bringing this point of Truth forward for our consideration at this time.

Willow Winddancing
1 year ago

Brilliance flows beyond the words. I know of it as Light Language! I appreciate the Attunement current focused in this way through the words of Uranda & David as we connect heart-to-heart, moving the human experience into greater expansion. megwitch.

Jerry Kvasnicka
1 year ago

How essential heart-to-heart transmission is to the Attunement current.

1 year ago

Beautiful message and captivating photo. Yes, the genuine Thai spirit you mentioned is not unlike the Aloha spirit (I live in Hawaii) when it is genuine. And it is something I and no doubt much of humanity need to express in a far greater way. People need to feel and know the love behind my Word(s) and not just the content and intention of the words. I so appreciate you and Uranda deepening my awareness of this. Gratefully, Tom

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