Calling the World Home

This Week’s Quotation:

It may be said that the true essences call to the material of this world to come home. As we give focus to these true essences, that’s the call. We have a new outlook then, with respect to what it is that comes to us, and what it is that is present in our environment. It is brought to us. It is coming by reason of the call, the call of the essences to which we give focus. Here is the material answering the call.

You may say that some of the things that come to you are not particularly heavenly; they don’t particularly appeal to you perhaps, but let us see these things in the true light. Here in fact, is the material of this world coming again to associate itself with the true essences.

~ Martin Cecil

Calling the World Home

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This is a radically liberating truth Martin articulates here. Let me say why.

First of all, a definition. What are true essences? They are invisible potentialities present in the human experience. They include the possibilities for love to manifest in the world, for the innate intelligence of life to work through the human experience, and for us to experience life itself abundantly.

You could think of all those things as possibilities that might take earthly form at some point in the future. But when we entertain those possibilities, they fire our imagination and warm our hearts in the present. We know them as real now—just as real as the seeds of the carrots and peas we might plant in our garden. Just because they have not yet taken root in the world doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Here is the radical part. The unhealed events in our life are coming to us because they are attracted to those seeds—to what Martin called true essences. To us, what comes to us might appear broken, unwell, or constricted. Yes, of course. The dreams and visions we hold for wholeness, peace, and love call to all who are looking for healing in our world.

Seeing this, we are called to compassion. We are called to show up for what is coming to us and offer the true essences we know. And we are called out of the rejection of what shows up and out of any sense of victimhood.

Talk about a radical reframe of life experience!

We realize we are calling people home to a place where they may discover the truth of themselves.

We are offering Attunement to our world.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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2 years ago

We are offering Attunement to our world. Attunement is such an important part of life and has been so outstanding in my life, for heart, soul and creation of health and and purpose.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
2 years ago

This hits particularly home for me right now as I have been confined to my apartment for three weeks with a leg injury. I have discovered that there are essences associated with this circumstance that I am uniquely here to manifest. So what a wonderful opportunity for spiritual service!

2 years ago

What an exquisite and freeing way to look at what is coming to us! Attunement provides the true essences to which the world may come. How thankful I am to be conscious of this reality at this time. Thank you for your words.

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