Communication at a Subconscious Level

This Week’s Quotation:

If there is any vibrational attunement between [people] it comes about by the fact that something has moved from conscious mind to subconscious mind in the individual. The pattern of relatedness is always between subconscious minds. Then, if by reason of attunement in some fashion—love between a parent and child, or something, there are many ways it may manifest—there is a pattern of relatedness, that impulse, that thought, that feeling, may be transferred from mind to subconscious mind, from your subconscious mind to the subconscious mind of another, and if that other one is under a circumstance where he will let it come to the surface, or if something triggers it in some fashion, or if it is intense enough and there is response enough, he may let it connect up. It is from subconscious to subconscious, and he lets it rise into his conscious mind, but generally it is so distorted by the time it gets there that it cannot be recognized.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Communication at a Subconscious Level

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

The process of Attunement relies on the vibrational connection between the practitioner and the person receiving the Attunement. That connection allows the Attunement current to flow between them. But something else transpires that is part of the healing process, too. There is another level of communication.

The subconscious mind is a fascinating capacity. We’ve all got one. And most of us don’t pay much attention to what is happening at that level. After all, it is sub-conscious—below the level of our conscious awareness.

The subconscious mind is full, and not only of thought forms. It has emotions, too. The feelings are linked to the thought forms.

You could think of it as a garden. A lot is happening under the surface which you can’t see. And for the most part, you shouldn’t go poking around down there. You could hurt the roots of the growing things that show themselves above ground. But what happens on the surface—at a conscious level—affects what happens subconsciously. Just like the sun, the air, and the rain nourish the soil for a growing plant, conscious thoughts affect subconscious levels of mind.

A large part of learning the practice of Attunement is learning to establish patterns of conscious thought that create life-giving patterns in the subconscious mind and emotions. This increases the flow of Attunement current through the practitioner. And because we are linked with other human beings at a subconscious level, the practitioner shares a field of positive thought and emotion with the other person.

So, what kind of thought nourishes healthy, life-giving patterns in the subconscious mind? The simple answer is that thoughts that express the will of the Spirit of Life—the innate desire of all living beings to thrive—shape the subconscious mind and create positive life-affirming structures.

To learn the art of Attunement, the practitioner has to explore how this principle works in their own experience.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
6 months ago

When we think the creative and life-enhancing thoughts that nourish “the healthy, life-giving patterns in the subconscious mind” something beautiful and creative is put into the collective consciousness of the body of humanity. This is how we engage in world service!

Tom Cooper
6 months ago

yes. Excellent. And I love all the quotes you provide by Uranda (Lloyd Meeker), Martin Cecil, and from BECOMING A SUN. Yes, a guardian angel is needed to protect the subconscious and let it be fertilized from the light above. for me an important part of this is what I call cultural nutrition. What do I put into my subconscious? If it is horror movies every night, no wonder I will have nightmares. If it is readings such as this one above and much more by you, Martin, Uranda, wholesome entertainment, worship, chant, etc., then the subconscious is filled with “the right stuff.” As above, so below (sub) ! Lovinglly with you in this. Love, Tom c.

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