Speaking the Language of Love

This Week’s Quotation:

What a most beautiful day it is this morning! This beauty is easily recognized and appreciated, obviously present all around us; this in spite of the polluted and distorted mess that human beings are producing on earth. We all have the capacity to enjoy the beauty, the loveliness that is present which we are capable of observing. We also recognize that there could not be any of this if it were not for the fact that this planet is composed of the material it is, and is also a part of what we call the solar system. While it may be a little more obscure to the mind of man, the solar system itself could not be the way it is if it were not a part of the galaxy, nor the galaxy if it were not a part of the cosmos as a whole. In other words, we see an interdependency evident which makes possible our experience of the wonder and joy of living on this particular little planet contained in the cosmic scheme of things. We can say, and mean it, “It’s good to be alive!”    

To the extent that we do have a mutual appreciation of all this, we have a common language; something speaks to us, drawing to our attention and experience the glory of life. Regardless of our nationality, race, color, creed, or anything else, all can understand this language. Perhaps because of the constant attention to the disorder and ugliness that has been produced on earth, there may be a rather general overlooking of the words spoken to us in this language of love. It is the language of love because it brings us a sense of oneness, of being associated with, a part of, a vast whole.

~ Martin Cecil

Speaking the Language of Love

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

These words of Martin’s inspire me on a Monday morning.

If the words of love bring a sense of oneness, there are other words and actions that bring divisiveness and separation. You would have to be foolish not to see all that division in the world in which we live. Yet the more we focus on it, the greater space in consciousness it tends to occupy. And the more it compromises our ability to bring the powers of cohesion, oneness, and synergy to the world.

Appreciation for the vast whole we are a part of builds the capacity to speak love into the world—not just hearts and roses, but the superpowers of peace and prosperity, and the gravity that brings people together.

An Attunement practitioner cultivates these superpowers. They speak the language of love, not because they try to, but because they are filled with their appreciation for the majesty of what is.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
5 months ago

How refreshing and uplifting are your words, David and Martin. Yes, despite the “disorder and ugliness that has been produced on earth,” we know in the deepest and highest part of us (i.e. Love) that nothing can ultimately contravene the creative process of Life streaming from Universal Being. And speaking the language of Love and bringing Love into full expression in my living helps to ensure its inevitable victory.

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