Creating Beloved Community 

This Week’s Quotation:

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (~ Mathew 12:34)

A pure heart is filled with the spirit of Love instead of being filled with the spirits of selfishness, greed, envy, fear, and hate. Perhaps you have undertaken at times to control your vocal expression, to keep it always sweet and considerate, and perhaps you have found that the tongue is an unruly member. If envy, greed and hate fill your heart, then no matter how hard you try to only say words that will be constructive and creative you will fail, because regardless of the efforts of the human will, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” 

A creative spirit builds. 

Yes, there may be physical health problems; problems to be cleared with respect to the mind, the spirit, the atmosphere. There are problems of environment, of circumstance, problems in living! Our attitude toward these problems is important and is revealed by the words we express day by day.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Creating Beloved Community 

Howard Goodman, Attunement teacher and practitioner

Lloyd Arthur Meeker speaks to the vital importance of our heart attunement with Source if we are to speak spirit-filled words that create Beloved Community creatively. He also emphasizes the importance of attitude in influencing what we create. 

Certainly, attitudes are shaped by many external events impacting our emotional experience that generate mental narratives and self-justifying beliefs—attitudes we hold to help navigate a disempowering survival culture in the world.

However, our attitudes may also be shaped by the true Source of our Being which is Love—a place of peace and assurance. This is the dwelling place of our presence and the well-spring of our creative spirit that, when genuinely received, fills our hearts and minds with love and radiant beauty, the true source of all creation.   

What a stark contrast! 

In Attunement with Love, we discover a state of Oneness, from which we may express Love’s Graces and radiantly see and understand the world. These are the spirits that create and build Beloved Community, while the expression of any spirit born of fear creates hate, mistrust, accusation, blame, and judgement that tear down and destroy. 

So, dear friend, check the nature of the spirits you allow to fill your heart and mind! As Beloved Community, we gladly bring our gifts to one another, living words that weave golden threads of love into wholeness. 

As members of the Beloved Community, our shared practice of attunement brings gifts of creative Spirit to one another, letting our hearts and minds find attunement with an indwelling love that brings the wholeness of co-creation into play.

Thank you for sharing this meditation. I hope you, like me, are inspired to examine the nature of the spirit revealed in the words we speak into our world day by day. 

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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3 months ago

There is community – and then there is Beloved Community – how blessed we are to live in a Beloved Community!!!!

Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
3 months ago

Thank You Howard for the loving living poetry with which you have weaved this piece – a tapestry of pure colour.

They often say about an abusive being that they have a colourful language and use negative words to express their heavy heart or aggression.

Yoga has tempered me to be so mindful of using word in as gentle way as possible and bringing them into the living space with love. Each word or phrase to be consciousness enough in their delivery to bring a purity to the receiver which brings faith and trust into the conversation. Partly embedded through my teachers and also through my upbringing with emotionally intelligent respectful family members.

Oftentimes I hear hard words which grate into my soul and I have asked friends to try to change their dialogue as not to bring harm to themselves or into being. Not only is the human cellular self affected but the atmosphere in our world space too becomes contaminated.

My dearest friend Michael Walton only used words which bought the heavenly spheres into being, almost like speaking in an iridescent fairy like bubble of matter which would lightly appear in my minds eye then pop out and seem to become manifest in front of us. That’s the pure heartedness of the master speaking just as Uranda says and just as yourself dear Howard.

When we speak in poetic lilts isn’t the heart more receptive and more inclined to release into the security of sublime attention to the speaker. I’m sure that’s also the way our late Great masters spoke too. The angelic revelation of the pure hearted is coming into being more and more I am sure.

If we have to curse soften it by spelling it out, if we have to be negative try to say it with a soft tongue. If we have to speak with tones of hardness let them be smoothed out with the feathers of angelic wings or the lightness of ethereal steps on rose petals. Whatever our spoken delivery above all let it be spoken softly with Love Supreme ♥️

Velea Shulman
Velea Shulman
3 months ago

“Living words that weave golden threads of love into wholeness”.
This beautiful statement, Howard, is a declaration to the spirit of which embodies the Truth, Love and Life spoken, taught and lived in the Beloved Community we are ALL Co-Creating out of the Abundance of Our Hearts.
Inspired and excited to examine and experience this deeper.
Thank you. Thank you.

3 months ago

Yes Howard

Its indeed the spirit bebind the words where we speak from, I feel that place in myself also ,and when I connect with others.
My love towards another human Being invites them to trust me and to open up.
And that way we can speak about also the challenges in my and their worlds and how I relate to that.
Its going Up and Out !
Love and Care Irene

Tom Cooper
3 months ago

Yes, Howard. to me “blessing are the purse in heart” is not simply a third party statement but rather an invitation to be among one of them … to be pure in heart. WITH YOU in letting the BELOVED COMMUNITY be present because I contribute to that community with HEART, mind, and body. … and especially with spirit. I also wish to endorse all invitations adjacent to your blog including the on-line attunement course and mailing list. Thanks for your spirit and example, Howard. Love, Tom C.

3 months ago

Thank you, Howard, for your lovely and thought-provoking blog. Our words are indeed powerful, and I am inspired and more curious to examine the nature of the spirit revealed in our daily words.  Our words impact the building of the community we love and are influenced by our attitudes. May all our hearts be imbued with Source, and may we be flooded by the Love so generously given to us.

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