Living a Joyful Creative Life

This Week’s Quotation:

If we are functioning correctly, with any recognition of our contact through attunement with the true source of energy, and if we have any recognition of our contact through attunement with the true source of intelligence, and if we have any recognition of our contact through feeling with the true source of love, we must realize that wherever pressures increase, there we have increased opportunity, increased privilege. When everyone around you is giving way to the pressures, you have an increased responsibility and privilege in staying steady, that the pressure may not be all wasted. Every time a human being gives way in the face of pressure, he dissipates energy, destroys or prevents the manifestation of potential power; he defeats himself and tends to defeat others. There is no glory in defeating oneself. There is no gain in defeating others who are seeking to live. It is in the release of power on a controlled basis, for a purpose, that we can be helpful, one to another.

~ Lloyd A. Meeker

Living a Joyful Creative Life

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

In the Attunement process, there is often a sense of peace. The body relaxes. Emotions flow more gently. And the mind finds tranquility. This is what happens when we attune to the creative powers within us.

The process of Attunement in a period of quietude brings reconnection and a strengthening of the bond with the source of creative power. That’s important because, with all the stress of today’s world, deep relaxation may not come through the normal patterns of sleep and recreation. The healing currents that flow during an Attunement restore the human soul.

But Attunement doesn’t only relate to a process of rest and relaxation. The reconnection and strengthening that occur at such a time set the person up to know Attunement through the dynamic processes of creation in life. As the excerpt above from Lloyd Meeker addresses, this allows a person to manifest power at every level—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As owners of this human capacity for the manifestation of power, we know the stress of creation. How else would it be? We can’t be creative without power. And how would there be the generation and use of power without stress on the capacity through which that is transpiring?

Conscious awareness during times of intense creativity allows us to stay in Attunement. It deepens our Attunement instead of weakening it. The stresses of creativity become joyful instead of damaging.

This kind of consciousness makes us aware of the stresses we experience and blesses them as normal. So we stop being unconscious of what is happening. We stop unconsciously blaming the pressure we feel on others and accept it as the power we need for creation.

Sustained Attunement allows the power of creativity to operate in our human experience at every level. It lets us live a joyful creative life.

So bless the powers of creation working through you this day.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
10 months ago

Thanks, David and Uranda, for emphasizing that even in the midst of this turbulent world it is possible to live “a joyful creative life.” As I think you suggest, the very intensity of the life currents now moving in the body of humanity can be utilized by us in Attunement to magnify our own creativity.

10 months ago

This is where we get to live – within and without – as above – so below…blessings All….

Sustained Attunement allows the power of creativity to operate in our human experience at every level. It lets us live a joyful creative life.

Tom Cooper
10 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. Whether I think of it in terms of Uranda’s emphais, “pressure”, or David’s emphasis — “stress”, Attunement is part of that process rather than a sleepy lull where no power, pressure, or stress are known. I welcome stress, pressure, and their next-of-kin — intensity, resistance, and wind-in-the-face — into the Attunement to let power build and be utilized … no matter whether the situation looks rough or smooth. THANK YOU, Uranda and David, for the ongoing lessons in HOW to let love radiate .. Love, Tom

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